From Ashley Tisdale to Nina Dobrev, The 10 Best Dressed Best Beauty Looks of the Week Year!

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Celebs Best Beauty Looks 2011Notice something way different about this week’s best dressed? Yup, we put together the best beauty looks of 2011 this time. And you know why? Just cause we can.

Celebs really did it up this year, showing off some of the cutest beauty trends like ballerina buns, and pairing their gorgeous faces with some equally gorgeous ensembs.

From Selena Gomez at the 2011 American Music Awards to Katy Perry at the 2011 Grammys, here are the 10 absolute best hair and makeup looks to walk to red carpet…

Bella Thorne

Best feathers in my hair look

Photo: Splash News

Selena Gomez

Best 1920s Hollywood glam style

Photo: Splash News

Ariana Grande

Best attempt at being Suzy Homemaker

Photo: Splash News

Taylor Swift

Best at making waves

Photo: Splash News

Katy Perry

Best sparkle and shine beauty

Photo: Splash News

Demi Lovato

Best less is more

Photo: Splash News

Ashley Tisdale

Best messy styled fishtail braid

Photo: Splash News

Lauren Conrad

Best high top ballerina bun on a non-dancer

Photo: Splash News

Nina Dobrev

Best glam should be her middle name look

Photo: Splash News

Kelly Rowland

Best matchy matchy without going overboard

Photo: Splash News

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What did you think of our best beauty picks? Whose beauty look was your fave? Which 2011 beauty trend did you love? Hate? Spill it!

Kat Graham, Miley Cyrus and More are Best Dressed!

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  • KlausG.

    Katy Perry, of course!

  • kshallhoub

    Taylor Swift smashes my heart with her angelic beauty

  • Odilon

    Thanks for sanirhg your experience, Juan. I knew she meant a lot to the community but it makes me understand on a deeper level just how much to hear it from someone who was there.

  • OhsnapitsKimberly

    Taylor Swift ♥ She’s a natural…x it me or does Ariana grande look so orange?, coz i remembered her with lighter skin but now she’s so tanned o.O And don’t get me wrong Ariana is a beaut. :*