W-T-Fashion?! The Worst Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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When we go around picking worst dressed celebs each week, it kinda pains us to see peeps like Vanessa Hudgens and Whitney Port make the list. Why? ‘Cause these chicks have got some serious fashion chops potential. It’s kinda like they wake up some days and just decide not to care. But no one should ever not care this much…

Vanessa Hudgens
We get it Vanessa, you like the boho look. That doesn’t mean you have to wear the ugliest bell bottom pants around though.

Vanessa Hudgens


Lady Gaga
Gotta say, Gaga’s gotten a bit better with the whole crazy fashion thing. But that bow on her head has got to go!

Lady Gaga


Whitney Port
Fashion designers/style book writers should never leave the house looking like this. Enough said.

Whitney Port


Jessie J
Jessie kinda looks like a naughty sailor in this ensemb, and we don’t mean it in a good way.

Jessie J


Whose ensemb was the worst this week? Agree or disagree with any of the looks here? Share your thoughts!

The Best Dressed Celebs of 2011!

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  • Madison lovey bear

    Jessie j’s dress is so ugly

  • jbluver

    the whitney girl wasnt that bad, but jessie j looked tots demented. y is her skirt at her knees? and haley… its SO not cool calling out people. theyre just stating their opinions.

  • Anonymous

    whitney didn’t look that bad, but eveyone else looked horrific

  • A reader

    I totally disagree about Whitney. It’s obvious that she’s heading to the gym. I didn’t realize that when we go work out we have to be all glammed up. Seriously, that’s rediculous.

  • Haley

    Lucylu & Julie ..
    Its the worst dressed of the week. Not the century. And aparently its judged by one outfit I bet Jessie J doesnt always dress like that. Or Vanessa. So suck it up. Her outfit was sucky. And HappyHappy Horsey.. True dat! 😀

  • L

    Leggings are NOT pants, a fashion designer should know that

  • Holly

    No offence Teen, but there’s nothing wrong with Lady Gaga’s bow, she looks gorgeous and she’s bringing back the bow from Fame! It’s gorgeous.

  • julie

    whitney should NOT be in this list, her style on the red carpet is flawless and u guys are putting ur judgement based on one outfit..

    • L

      Umm it’s not of all time just this week

  • Lucylu

    i actually disagree on whit port, just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she always has to look PERFECT!


    no offense 2 gaga fans but that huge bow isnt working