Watch! Santana Lopez Is Pretty Much All We Want (And Need) For Christmas (Video)

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Santana Lopez Santa BabyOk. Serious question. Why is Naya Rivera aka Santana Lopez so gorgeous?! Anyone? Does anyone know? She’s got the bod, the voice, and the attitude and it’s just not fair. Case in point? Her rendition of “Santa Baby.” Apparently it got cut from the Glee Christmas episode, but we don’t understand why. Because come on. This song is a million times better than Rory’s “Blue Christmas.” Just sayin’.

So, what do you think of Santana as, uh, Santa? Watch below!

We know. That was awesome. Do you think this song should’ve been in the Christmas ep? Is Santana your fave gleek? Tell us in the comments and oh, Happy Holidays!

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  • courtney

    sexiest christmas ever!!!!!

  • big fan

    omg that was graet why can’t i be like her

  • big fan

    omg so good wish i was her she dose everything why cant in be her

  • Samese

    I think my favorite song ever. I got it on my zune. Hey she can sing to me anytime.

  • Sandy

    Why in the world did they delete this scene?!? Santana is the best!!!!!!

  • Nika

    OMG She realy great I don’t understand why they do somethink that stupid..
    Naya has great voice and She is soooo pretty and nice hmm

  • lil

    she is not really that pretty she is kind of sleasy i mean quin is better!!!! TOTES

    • 504

      What Naya Rivera is So So pretty! Vocally a better singer than Dianna Agron.

  • Jerri

    I truly love Naya Rivera and I think the scene was hilarious because if you think about it and imagine how it plays out, it looks like Santana just got all the guys at the jewelry store in her palm and is going to walk out of the store with all that and not pay for a thing.

    • Sandy

      Hahaha so true

  • Naya

    #omglee This was so fun to film…

  • Jazmin

    Love her <333333

  • samantha

    love santana totallly should of sung this to brittany

    • Sandy

      Definitely, that would have been awesome

  • Naya-Fan

    Naya Rivera/Santana Lopez Is Awsome!!!! <3 She Da Best!

  • Mouneka

    Cant believe they deleted this scene.

  • lesley

    they should have, i like this song