Our 10 Favorite Tumblr Blogs of 2011

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It’s been a good year for those of us who are over Facebook and really over Twitter obsessed with Tumblr (a.k.a. everyone at Teen.com). The best Tumblrs of 2011 have introduced us to Suri Cruise, given us the Glee inside scoop, and done nothing more than make us smile (and isn’t that enough?). Read on to find and visit some of the best Tumblrs of 2011, and then join us in the comments to let us know your picks!

1. Suri’s Burn Book

Suri Cruise was a magazine cover girl before she said her first word, so it’s no surprise that she’s already a fashionista. But did you know that she also has her own blog? On Suri’s Burn Book, the (fake) Cruise child lashes out at everyone from Honor Warren to President Obama — even parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes take hits! One of our fave posts was Suri’s real Christmas list. Do you think Santa brought her the china set she was hoping for?

2. DIY Fashion

Want to wow your friends with original looks and serious crafting skills? Head over to DIY Fashion, a blog that collects the best easy, at-home fashion projects from across Tumblr. From a sparkly snowflake necklace to an Alexander Wang–inspired handbag, there’s something everyone can do on a rainy afternoon (And if we’re saying these projects are easy, you can def tackle them. Know that.). Follow this Tumblr to create unique gifts for your friends — or do what we do and keep everything to yourself!

3. Dianna Agron

From inspiring messages to cute photos, Glee star Dianna Agron’s Tumblr has it all. The blog is called Fell Down The Rabbit Hole, and it is exactly what it should be — a great mix of personal messages, rants and raves, and insider photos. Dianna’s blog has even led her to launch a new project, a quirky site called You, Me and Charlie. So who’s Charlie? Go to Dianna’s Tumblr to find out!

4. Twilight Forever

The next Twilight film won’t hit screens for another year, but you can stay on top of all the deets with Twilight Forever. This blog covers info about all the stars, and it’s updated All. The. Time. Wanna know what Anna Kendrick’s been up to? Done. Want to see a trailer for Robert Pattinson’s next film? No prob. The only thing Twilight Forever can’t do is make November 2012 come any faster.

5. Lucy Hale

Love Lucy Hale on Pretty Little Liars? Yeah, who doesn’t? On Honey I’m Home, the ABC Fam star uses her Tumblr to share her favorite videos and photos, but she also gives insider info from the PLL set. Check her Tumblr for personal photos of her friends and PLL co-stars, along with a healthy dose of sweet messages to give you a lift.

6. Animals Being D***s

We love the whole animal kingdom, but it’s easy to forget that every animal can be kind of a jerk. Animals Being D***s brings you the best of animals at their hysterical worst, from fighting giraffes to wrestling pandas. And don’t think this site is limited to wild animals. Your very own pampered pooch could be like this dog: a fierce supporter of Team Jacob.

Check out #s 7-10!

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28 Responses to "Our 10 Favorite Tumblr Blogs of 2011"

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