Everything You Need to Know About Snow White, Jesse McCartney’s New Gig, and Taylor Lautner — GAY?!

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The newest — or should we say, international? — trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman just hit the Internet (in English!), and we’re just tearing up in excitement. And it’s not because Kristen Stewart looks like a bad-ass knight or ’cause Charlize Theron looks like the epitome of an evil queen. It’s actually due to the fact that Chris Hemsworth pretty much dominates the entire trailer with his hot voice and chiseled muscles. Trust us, you’ll wanna see this…

What’s the juiciest items you heard today? Do you believe the (phony) People mag? Are you stoked to see JMac on TV, again? And what are your thoughts on the new SWATH trailer? Spill it!

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  • Hannah

    Hey Taylor you are not hot and not gay
    I don’t like you Maybe you are little boy

    • antonio

      most hot people are gay some anyways

  • Amanda

    i agree he is hot not gay

  • Skittlez

    Hes sooo sexy nd HOTTTt we all should love himmmm. Rite? Taylor lautner fans.

    • shayla

      He is smoking hot.He is not gay. He is straight. He is a super hot actor! :) I am his biggest fan.

    • avery

      he is my future husband i call never ending dibs on him! no he would never be gay

  • spanishgirl

    Fortunately he’s not gay!
    Haha lots of women would be dissapointed….

  • Sam

    taylor lautner is smokin hot and i can’t wait to see that movie!

  • mindless chic

    why taylor why why why why why?
    he’s so hott

    • breakingdawn

      they said the cover was FAKE..but even if he was gay…we should all still love him! <3