Accessor-Wrong! Purses That Maybe Just Go A Little Too Far

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Some say choosing the right accessory can make or break an outfit. Statement necklaces are huge right now, a red soled shoe is its own celebrity and an over-the-top purse is… well, it’s… hilarious. Recently Paula Abdul was spotted with a sparkly Pepsi can bag, Katy Perry showed off her Judith Leiber cupcake purse and we’ll never forget Gaga‘s meat purse (Seriously, we’re trying to.). Check out these handbags for the regular Jane that definitely make a statement. We’re just not quite sure what they’re saying!

It’s a little old school. What, no cell phone-shaped purse?

Rubik’s Cube
This is perfect if you get bored at school or your parents send you to your room with no phone or computer.

Because all the pigeon bags were such a hit last season, here’s the next bag in a line of popular poultry. Really?!

Take Away Container
A double C and a chain strap. Who knew the take-away container could be so chic. Or, uh, an arts & crafts project gone awry. It’s hard to tell.

Doggy Bag
This is the only kind of doggy bag that Paris Hilton would ever be caught dead with.

VW Bus
The perfect accessory for the hippie celeb attending Coachella.

Just in case you should pass by someplace blasting Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”, you will be prepared with this bag.

Twi-Hards: This bag is calling your name! Vampires. Bats? Same thing. We think.

Attracting the varsity quarterback just got a little bit easier with this bad boy.

Vinyl Record
Perfect for the DJ who loves to recycle. Nothing goes to waste here… except maybe style.

Which of these crazy ass bags is your fave? And would you ever try one out on your shoulder? Take it to the comments!

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  • Susie

    I love it can u show me a bag of beetle please I hve a beetle car n I want my bag to match my car.

  • noella

    Gone wrong???? I disagree! Most of these are hysterical and clever! I’m so tired of the clones in the mall with their identical outfits, hair, makeup and coach bags. The Rubik’s cube purse is fantastic!

  • SarahNeverBeenHere

    I have one of those vinyl record bags! Love it! The dog’s kinda creepy

  • Anonymous

    i love the take away bag! i love it!!

  • mariposa212

    i luv the take out bag the most!!!!!!!

  • viccolor

    ilove the bus,the cube and the vinyl record

  • Sam

    i love the rubix cube one!

  • NyanCat

    My favorite has to be the Rubik’s Cube! It looks cute<3