Celeb Battle: Who Would You Rather Spend NYE With, Jelena or Robsten?

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Justin Selena, Robert and Kristen Teen Celebrity Couples

Newsflash, guys — New Year’s Eve is this weekend. And if you’re one of those single people who still doesn’t have plans, we’re about to make them for you. How would you like to ring in 2012 with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez or Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? Unfortch we can’t actually make that happen due to, um, budgetary constraints, but let’s pretend, ok?

Check out the (fake) scenarios we’ve made for what NYE would be like with Jelena and Robsten below, and be sure to vote and tell us in comments who you’d rather spend the night with!

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Kissing
New Year’s Eve with Justin and Selena:
Um, well, the truth is, these two prob wouldn’t even notice you’re there considering they’d be kissing in the corner the entire night. But the good news? Since Justin and Selena are so high-pro, they’ll be able to get you a VIP ticket to the private Usher concert that they’re clearly attending. Their pup, Baylor, will be there too, so you can always play with him while Jelena canoodles. Oh, and? You might even get a New Year’s gift as good as the one Justin gave his BFF for Christmas. Dream big.




Rob Kristen KissingNew Year’s Eve with Rob and Kristen:
First thing’s first, you’ll get to spend New Year’s in England. And you’ll get to go FO FREE, YOU GUYS! You’ll attend Robsten’s house party at Rob’s London apartment, where, natch, you can hang out with the entire Twilight cast and flirt with Taylor Lautner. Plus, you can dress as casual as you want since KStew will probs just be wearing a white tee and Converse. Just make sure you don’t bring a camera to the party or you might get thrown out. We all know how Rob and Kristen are about having their relationship be out in public…

Pretty Little Liars vs. The Vampire Diaries!

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  • Diamond

    ROBSTEN 4EVER!!! I will ALWAYS choose Rob over any other actor and ALWAYS choose Kristen over any other actress!!! They are the “IT” couple of the century!!! I LOVE U ROBSTEN!!!!

  • minoz

    FOREVER :)

  • ;)

    two one*

  • Bella

    I would totally spend timee wit Rob and Kristen OMGG i love twilight sooo freakin much !! & spending NYE wit them would be the best !! <3 Love u both !

  • Myra

    Robsten. <3 forever.

  • Alyssa lol :)

    i would hang out with jelena because we would proubly be come BFFs

  • gabi


  • dominique

    IF I HUNG OUT WITH robsten i would probably just start staring at robert and drooling so jelena it is;)

    • Zsuzsanna

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  • Mindless Chic

    Jelena all the way who wouldn’t want to hang with the number one couple and please buy mistletoe it all goes to charity thx

  • :)

    Jelena all the way! Kristen seems so boring!

    • Robsten

      No!!!! Kris isn’t boring!! They are so CUTE together!!~

  • VickyGuinea

    ROBSTEN 4EVER! ♥♥♥ the best couple in the world!

    • Mars

      i totally agree!!!!

  • CHIZ!

    Robsten duh who wants to be with to giggling no clue teenagers??ROBSTEN ALL THE WAY!!

    • Narender

      I would totally spend timee wit Rob and Kristen OMGG i love twhiiglt sooo freakin much !! & spending NYE wit them would be the best !! <3 Love u both !

  • DragonBoat14

    Um… you’d be a third wheel either way, so…

  • Adamek
  • sdfadsfg

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    (http://url7。me/c6i4 )

  • lauralynn

    Rob & Kristen of course…that’s a no brainer. Who wants to spend a NYE with two giggling teenagers?

  • Sam

    jelena! two of my fave celebs!