Survey Saturdays: Tell Us About Your Nails!

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Rihanna Manicure

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Is it just us or is nail polish the best new accessory? Aside from like, a hot boyfriend or a cute puppy you can stash in your purse? We’re thinkin’ yes. We love to experiment with different colors and trends and duh, sparkles, especially in the winter. But what about you? What are your nail-polish wearing habits? And your fave nail trends of 2011? You tell us by filling out the survey below!

Oh, and don’t forget to tell us what you picked (and why) in the comments!

Tell Us Your Predictions for 2012!

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  • Abida Tasnim

    I Am A Fannn Of Nickii Minaj , Zendaya Coleman , Bella Thorne. I Luv U Nckii Minaj :) Mwahhhh I Would Love 2 Meet U An I Am a great singer aka singing your songs i knw all of them off by heart !!!!!

  • Neal

    Ah I well rmemeber when the Edsel came to town. It was the car everyone was waiting for. Until they saw it. There were some extraordinarily crude jokes relating to the Edsel’s appearance. I personally didn’t have a problem with its looks, but I only knew one person who actually owned one (briefly) and they had constant problems with it. They claimed it spent more time in the “shop” being repaired than on the road. They only kept it about a year. The FORD dealer was reluctant to take it as a trade in.I think it’s awesome that you have photographs of the same exact car covering different “stages” of the car’s life. It doesn’t appear that time and weather have been kind to it, but maybe it feels lucky to have not been smashed into a pancake like most of its brothers and sisters. Your Edsel is, by comparison, a survivor!

  • Sarah

    I loved the “how many polishes do you own?” question. All I can say is over 30 and still countin!

  • serentjuuh

    fun quiz

  • Lol

    My Nails Are Ruby Red!!!!

  • Nail Polish Nerd

    i just did my nails! they all have something different on them :) be jelly!

    • Jessie

      Hi rhanna

  • KatG

    what do you do with the information from our surveys??

    • Haley Longman

      The answers help us with thinking about what we’re going to write about! We like to know what celebs/trends etc you like so we can cover what you like 😉