W-T-Fashion?! If Only Vanessa Hudgens’ Style Was As Cute As Her Boyfriend (Pics)

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We’re really starting to think that when Vanessa Hudgens broke up with Zac Efron, she ended up breaking up with her stylist or something, too. Seriously, what happened to all those cute ensembs she used to wear?! Austin Butler, we get that you’re hot and all. But you are not doing Vanessa’s wardrobe any good!

Here’s how Vanessa was dressed just last week:

Vanessa Hudgens


And now, check out this week’s W-T-Fashion moment! Denim overalls? On the beach? REALLY?

Vanessa Hudgens Overalls

Splash News

Vanessa Hudgens Overalls

Splash News

How do you feel about V’s look? Are overalls ever cool? Did she pull it off or not so much? Comment away!

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16 Responses to "W-T-Fashion?! If Only Vanessa Hudgens’ Style Was As Cute As Her Boyfriend (Pics)"

  1. Teen.com
    Rosely says:

    I kind of agree that if I were famous and had all that money how would I end up in that outfit? I mean totally ok if she likes it, but I can’t imagine overalls on the beach!

  2. Teen.com
    BananasOnTheMoon says:

    One word; UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Teen.com
    Paige says:

    i love her boldness. she looks great and i for one think she can pull it off. shems showing off her inner quirkyness and that is so brave of her. more people should have the guts to wear outfits like that. she exudes confidence and gives out an ‘i dont give a shit about what you think attitude’ it doesnt matter who her bf is as long as she’s happy being who she is. i love her courage.

  4. Teen.com
    Elli-Chan says:

    Her and Zach Efron were cool when Kesha was inocent and lady gaga was cool -.-’

  5. Teen.com
    SA5M says:

    i love Vanessa and everything she wears. shes not afraid of what people thinks of her and thats just amazing. Her and Austin are so adorble together and when apart they are still adorble. Austin’s so hot and Vanessa is so gorgeous. i think that Vanessa can wear anything and pull it off.

  6. Teen.com
    jen says:

    got to give her props for having the guts to wear those outfits.


    check it out :D

  7. Teen.com
    lily says:

    what is she wearing it looks lk she into him more than he is too her

  8. Teen.com
    Jane says:

    i used 2 luv her but after she broke up with zac and cut her hair she became kinda trampy :P

  9. Teen.com
    Malia says:

    If I had her hot bf and her money I wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit

  10. Teen.com
    Isabella says:

    Her outfits are awesome! It’s not important if WE like her outfits but if she feels comfortable in it! Thats how she show us: Hey I’m Vanessa!

    And her if you don’t like it that’s your problem!

  11. Teen.com
    DD says:

    This girl has strange style.

  12. Teen.com
    singinglia1234 says:

    omg nooo wai!!! :O ewwww overalls… shes not a hillbilly is she? :S

  13. Teen.com
    Anna says:

    totally agree, her wardrobe is completely… off.

  14. Teen.com
    Kristen says:

    she looks so stupid. wow, how could she walk out the door like that??!!

  15. Teen.com
    Sam says:

    ew her outfits are weird! who wears overalls over a bikini? but her boyfriend austin butler is hot!

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