What Naya Rivera Will Look Like in 50+ Years

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The reason we picked Nikita actress Maggie Q is because she and Nay Nay share similar exotic features and body types. Wouldn’t you agree?

Can’t you just picture the “Valerie”-crooner growing up to be Catherine Zeta-Jones?
Except with darker skin, obvi.

Remember the old-looking bitch Cha Cha who stole Danny from Sandy at the dance in Grease? He-llo, that’s the ultimate Santana Lopez move! We just hope Naya’s a little prettier in her middle age.

See Naya as an old lady!

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  • CityGirl

    I think Lucy Hale, Zac Efron, Victoria Justice, Vanessa Hudgens, Justin Bieber and
    Selena Gomez would all be cool!

  • Kelly

    Victoria Justice! Nina Dobrev!

  • jen

    eh i don’t think she’ll look like that


    • aziza

      i think she looki think she looks beautiful and i hope i meet her in real life because she is totally inspiring. she will probably look better in 50 years old. luv yhu naya stay sexy

  • Jane

    plz age-ify emma roberts :)

  • Zara

    uh the 75+ one looks ugly…………………..

  • era95

    maggie q and katherine zeta jones r bothe very hot so naya will still look amazing an just bc ppl get older it doesnt mean they get ugly nd i dont think someone like naya will get ugly

  • alexia

    OMG thank you i really wanted to see this one

  • Stephanie

    I think your way off. She won’t look like that. Yes she will look older but not like that.