Survey Saturdays: Tell Us About Your Fave Foods!

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Selena Gomez Eating Doritos

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You know how sometimes when you get home from a long day at school and all you wanna do is stuff your face with lots and lots of your fave snack? No? Just us? Awkward silence. But regardless, we’d like to take this Survey Saturday opportunity to get to know your eating habits a little bit. Here’s where you tell us all about your fave snacks and meals and all that fun stuff. Just make sure your fridge is nearby because you might get a little hungry…

Start the survey below, and don’t forget to tell us what answers you chose and why down here!

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Survey Saturday: Tell Us About Your Dating Life!
  • lola

    i eat chips and all but im deciding to eat healthy o.o dun want a heart attack (u should kno about fat sticking on ur valves little by lil and stuck like glue and wen it get fill up no blood can come thro and cant go to ur heart) and plus i wanna lose more weight ^.^

  • Sally

    My favorite snack to eat is (and this might sound weird ) lays chips the original ones with mms…. It tastes soo good! I love it people always look at me like wth r u doing! The easiest way to eat it is by spilling the mms into the lays bag! It’s so good try it out!

  • yazbel

    The only thing I love to eat is doritos with nacho cheese they are delicious!!!love them just like i love channing tatum

  • Anonymous

    pizza steak pasta and cookies and cake and ice cream and salad macroni and cheese rice and beans and chips and jello.

  • Nishy Garcia