Beyonce Gives Birth. And The Baby Name Is…

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Babyonce is finally here!!! And the luckiest kid ever who has Jay-Z and Beyonce as parents is reported to be called Blue Ivy Carter. Not what you probably expected. No, really.

We know celebs like to name their kids some pretty funky things — and even though a color as a name isn’t so traditional — we have to say that Beyonce’s choice for baby Blue is both fierce and classy at the same time, just like B herself. Sure, Green Ivy Carter would have probably made more sense, since, ya know, ivy is traditionally green in color. But we’ll take it either way.

What do you think of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby name? And what crazy name would you name your baby (when you’re old enough to have one, natch!) if you were a celeb? The comments are a callin’!

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16 Responses to "Beyonce Gives Birth. And The Baby Name Is…"

    Danica says:

    I think it is a very beautiful name, Opinions are opinions yes i understand but There really is no reason to be mean.. In my opinion some of the names that were posted on here were just ridiculous. Your going to be great parents beyonce& Jay-z(: Congratulations on the beautiful baby girl you brought into this world. Best wishes to you. <3

    Pink says:

    Blue = born living under evil.  Ivy = illuminatis very youngest. 

    Sarisa says:

    I like the name Blue. I would have spelled it Blu… the actress Alicia Silverstone from the movie Clueless, named her some Blu Bear..took cute. I like my name Sarisa, my daughter name is Cieanna, becuz it sounds almost like mines. I want a boy, and the name wld be Jazz Alexander Duke! If I have another girl it would also have that same name.. :-)

    Beauty says:

    I Want My Baby’s Name To Be Something Like: “VENUS” An Important Planet Thats Similar To Earth. :)

    So Selena Gomez says:
    Check that out for some LOL baby names! haha! No affiance, but their kinda crazy, which makes um, HILAR!
    If i had children I’d call them:
    Boys: Conor. (con-er) Aidan. (aa-den)
    Girls: Cáoimhe. (cuee-va) Derbhlá. (der-vla)
    I gave pronunciation cos I’m Irish so they are Irish.

    Brooke says:

    Blue Ivy Carter sounds great, it all flows really well. Then there is the problem of ‘Blue’. “Hey Blue, I think the blue dress looks best on you!” Umm, no. I feel sorry for the kid, I thought Beyonce would do the right thing and name her baby something normal that isn’t a colour. Just my opinion… (:

    For a girl, the name Aubrey is nice. For a boy, Chace is cute. I think Aubrey and Chace sound nice together.

    miss13 says:

    isn’t that some kind of skin condition

    Sam says:

    that an interesting name, but kinda weird

    Ms. Salvatore says:

    When I have a daughter or more I would like to name her or them:
    Kendal Marie
    Spencer Sophia
    Jessamine Aliana
    If they were boys I really like
    Jesse Leonardo
    Jacob Daniel
    Dastan Colter
    Andrew Lee

    alexia says:

    i want twins girls named naya and natalie

    Elle says:

    When i Grow Up and have a baby i would Have twins And (Thir Gunna B Girlz) Their Names Will Bbe Eleni And Elena

    Andrea says:

    Miley!! I love that name…or maybe Maryleen ;)

    brittney says:

    i like the name
    girl: yasmine, zoe,
    boy: keenan

    Lucy says:

    I love the name maci or something like abi-mey

    cece says:

    gud luck

    angelica says:

    i really like flower names, but i always thought it’d be cute to name a girl ‘Rose Petal’

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