8 Celebs And Their Brand New (And Super Cute!) Pets

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Was 2011, like, Buy a Celebrity a Pet year or something? We think we missed the memo. But seriously, it’s like every famous person and their sister boyfriend Mom adopted a furry friend. Some like Kendall and Kylie were lucky enough to get pooches as Christmas gifts, and others bought their own pets a few months back. So because there’s nothing we love more than celebs and adorable puppies, let’s discuss which celebs got what animal and when. And why. And how. Oh, just keep reading… It’s no coincidence that James Maslow from Big Time Rush named his little bugger, whom he got last month, Fox. James himself is foxy and he knows it. Celebrity Pets James Maslow Fox Selena Gomez‘s way of introducing her new pup, Baylor, to the world back in October was kinda unconventional — she posted this pic on Instagram “after 12 hours of medicine, tea, 1374 cans of soup and throwing up.” Ew. But here’s what we do know — that little puppy is so not gross. Selena Gomez Celebrity Pets Baylor As for Bella Thorne? She took the more conventional approach, tweeting this pic of her and her new pup, Krystal, whom she also got over the holidays. Best new accessory eva! Celebrity Pets Bella Thorne But clearly Taylor Swift is more of a cat person. She adopted her kitty Meredith (named after the Grey’s Anatomy character!) back in November, and Taylor’s life (and tweets) just haven’t been the same since. Celebrity Pets Taylor Swift Meredith Just when you thought Kendall and Kylie Jenner couldn’t possibly need anything else, we got proven wrong when Bruce and Kris bought the girls 2 pups for Christmas. Oh, and they’re named Louis and Vuitton. Guess they are Jenner girls after all… We don’t know what’s cuter — the fact that Mark Salling‘s puppy, who he got 3 months ago, is, ya know, cute, or the fact that he named him Noah after his character on Glee. Thoughts?! Celebrity Pets Mark Salling Noah And in other gleek puppy news, Amber Riley welcomed the adorable Chewie on Christmas, which was a gift from her sister. And all our sisters ever got us was this lousy t-shirt. Hmph. Celebrity Pets Amber Riley Chewie We know, we know. Miley Cyrus got Floyd, her third pup, all the way back in July. But he’s just such a cutie we had to rehash those mems. ::pinches cheeks through computer:: Celebrity Pets Miley Cyrus Floyd Which of these celeb pets is the cutest? Whose way of introducing their pets was your fave? Tell us in the comments, and make sure to tweet us pics of you and your adorable pet @teen!

What it Was Like for Baylor to Be Adopted by Jelena!

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    Omb bella makes a cute couple with ,………..

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    What about Rihanna?

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    las mascotas mas lindas sol la de bella selena y taylor !!!!! son un amorrrrr

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    i love bella thornes pup wear like twins, have the same breed! :)thx guys!!!!

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    omg i can’t believe it cuz i just love bella and selena i hope i can see them one day

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      Oh yes, I hope I will meet them one they…;)*

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    James Maslow’s Fox is the cutest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    James himself is Foxy and He know’s it!

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    Bella is my idol !!!!!!!!!!!
    ps.i need a friend

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      i can be ur friend just give me ur facebook and ill be ur friend unless you mean an animal friend then i can’t help you with that problem btw im rody what’s your name?

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    bellas dog is sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Soooooooo Friggin Cute Lol! Fox Is Foxy Along With His Owner!

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      u r sooooooo right ; ]

  • alexia

    i think selena gomez looks so cute with her puppy

  • DragonBoat

    Amber Riley’s dog and Miley Cyrus’s dog are the tied for cutest, with Mark Salling’s dog coming in a close second 😉

  • Sam

    selena’s dog baylor is the cutest thing ever!

  • shadia daise

    wow i love ur pets kendall and kylie and im ur biggest fan! I wish i had puppies like u guys and i luv ur puppy bella thorne!

  • Krystle

    I think they all are cute the puppies.

  • malia

    i love the husky but ill never get one i guess they all that hair has to go somewhere 😉

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    You forgot the dog of cody simpson, is so cuteeee!