Quiz: Who’s Your Celeb Beauty Twin?

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You know we’re always going gaga (no pun intended) over our fave celeb’s beauty looks. But have you ever wondered if
you’ve got a celeb beauty twin out there? Someone who thinks, tosses their hair, and applies their lipstick just like
you do? Take this quiz to find out which starlet shares your amazing beauty style.


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13 Responses to "Quiz: Who’s Your Celeb Beauty Twin?"

  1. Teen.com
    amy101 says:

    ariana grande the cutie!!.

  2. Teen.com
    alondra says:

    i love ariana

  3. Teen.com
    Ellen Leong says:

    Taylor swift!!!!

  4. Teen.com
    samantha says:

    taylor swift u inspired me to start singing and be confident

  5. Teen.com
    Dancer says:

    i <3 <3 <3 zendaya!!!!!!

  6. Teen.com
    sarah says:

    Arina is STUPID -.-

  7. Teen.com
    katniss says:

    i think i look exactly like zendaya but with darker hair and im lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Teen.com
    Eva says:

    I <333333 U Ariana and your hair is the best. I want to be like you. You are my Example. LOVE YOU.

  9. Teen.com
    kat says:

    thats selena gomez vickyguinea

  10. Teen.com
    kat says:

    ya Ariana your rocking the red lipstick love it and love you like my name its actually Katie but watevs

  11. Teen.com
    VickyGuinea says:

    Like Selena Gomez :)

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