The Celebrity Couple PDA Scale: From Not Enough to Way Too Much! (Pics)

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Truth is, we pretty much want to vom when we walk around and see couples sucking each other’s faces off in public mostly because we’re single and lonely. It’s just not cute. And when it comes to Hollywood? Same thing, you guys. But for every famous couple who overdoses hardore on the PDA (like, um, Jelena), there’s another who’s so not touchy it’s like they’re not even a thing (yes, that’d be Robsten). So where do your fave celeb couples fall on’s Official and Scientifically Proven PDA Scale?

See the pics starting from not-enough to way-too-much PDA below!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Barely Touch in Public
It’s like Rob and Kristen think each other have cooties or something! The only time they ever show affection is on a red carpet or at a Twilight event, and that’s because they have to. We’re know you’re dating, guys. It’s ok to show it.

Chord Overstreet and Emma Roberts: Sometimes Touch in Public
Chord and Emma are almost as hush hush about their relationship as Rob and Kristen are, but even they’re a tad more lovey-dovey. But a cute little touch on the back is basically as cutesy as it’s gonna get for these two and we. Want. More.

Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem: Hold Hands in Public
Nick and Delta show they love each other by holding hands, which, personally, we think is the cutest way to do it. Yes, boyfriends everywhere. Take note.

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev: Sometimes Hug in Public
Ian and Nina being touchy def does happen once in a while, but usually these two TVD kids don’t go much beyond hugging. Why can’t we get even a cute peck a la Delena once in a while? Nina Dobrev Ian Somerhalder

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone: Kiss in Public
Remember when these two wouldn’t admit they were together? Those days are long-gone, guys, and now are the days of smooching on the streets of NYC. But we don’t hate it.

Snooki and Jionni: Make Out in Public
But Snooki and her boyf’s make out sessions on the red carpet? We kinda hate those. We see enough of her doing that on TV that when in happens anywhere else it’s just TMI.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Grope in Public
Obvs we love Jelena with a passion. But if we met them IRL, the first thing we’d say to them would be, “Get a room, guys!” Well, maybe first we’d propose to Justin, but whatever. It’d definitely be second.

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler: Have Sex in Public
Yes, we know what Austin and Vanessa do out in the open isn’t actual sex. No need to call your health teacher. But we just don’t get why Vaustin doesn’t believe in privacy. Ever. It’s a little bit gross!

Which level of PDA do you think is the best? Should Robsten show more affection? Should Vaustin show less? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to leave your pick for your fave of these couples, too!

Celebs Who Hold Hands in Public

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11 Responses to "The Celebrity Couple PDA Scale: From Not Enough to Way Too Much! (Pics)"

    livvy says:

    Robsten are cute together

    Asia says:

    I guess I’ll have to go with Jelena on this one (: sorry lol.

    lecious says:

    jelena rock..robsten shud get more touchy

    Alyssa lol :) says:

    ~Jelena is soooooooooooo cute together~ If I met them the first thing i would say is stay together 4ever and get married to each other~~:) lov u both 4ever:) ~

    Zara says:

    Jelena is soooooooooooooooo cute so is nina and ian

    fun says:

    OMG the Vanessa and Austin thing is disgisting…
    I wish she was back with Zac b coz that neva happened :(

    DragonBoat says:

    Kissing in public is fine, but after that it just gets awkward for everyone else.

    LOL says:

    Grope LOL! Ya Its Kinda Gross Groping In Public!

    Sam says:

    i want to see rob and kristen together more! too much jelena!

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