What Jaden Smith Will Look Like in 65+ Years

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How did we not think of him ’til now?? After weeks of “age”-ifiying celebrities — the first one being Justin Bieber! — we finally came to our senses, and thought that the perf person this time around would be the Biebs’ bestie, Jaden Smith! Why is he the best decision ever? Well, 1. It’s Jaden Smith, and he’s awesome. And, 2. Just like Bella Thorne before him, J’s so young (13!) so we get to be more creative with his timeline. Think you can handle it? Then here we go…

Jaden at 13 years old
He’s too cute for words, got an amaze voice, and,
let’s face it, he kicks ass!

See how Jaden’s gonna look!

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  • priscy

    well jaden is nice and cool!and I like him very much

  • Felicia

    Thanks to those who love jaden,:-)i real love him too i think he’s a great,carring,smart guy & i wish him all the best. “love you”

  • Felicia

    Thanks to those who love jaden,:-)i real love him too i think he’s a great,carring,smart guy & i wish him all the best.hope someday we’ll be happily couple “love you”

    • Assy Vuso

      I thank those who luv Jaden ,I realy love him he iz handso .

  • Sindisiwe Tshabalala

    Jaden is like the hottest guy in the game…he sure is not rude….he listens to other people’s opinions and he has a great sense of humor…big ups to him…I live in S.A but I’m a enormous fan of his…please call me…just so I can hear your voice..it would be the best day ever!!Who knows maybe our conversation might go as well…and we might get to be friends…..U rock my world!

  • breyana

    you hot do you like me i am cute and sesy

  • nida

    you are hot

  • Farah

    I’m a normal girl who lives in south Africa . And I would just like to say that jaden smith is a really good raper and actor all together.I’m a fan and I’m just a normal girl who loves you raping and acting I’m not a bombastic girl who’s all over you cause I know that can just get really annoying like most of the girls do .Keep on doing what you do .

  • Kelvin

    I think you’re nothing but only jealous of Justin Bieber’s and Jaden Smith’s wealth and success. There is no reason to hate them and if you weren’t jealous you wouldn’t hate both personalities in fact you would just see them as normal. They went for it and they got it, but if you missed or you weren’t lucky enough it’s your own problem!! Who cares, if you’re envious of their success you are such a VBL – VERY BIG LOSER!!!!!!

  • vagina


  • Hilary

    I hate Jaden, he has a big sneer on his face and he’s arrogant. He has no talent, only famous parents. Briber is a creep, but apart from Usher helping him, he earned his wealth. This guy wants us to like him for being rich and famous. Nope.. Totes not happening.

  • Christiana

    I love u jaden, keep goin higher

  • Gummybears

    Jayden is so cute but he aint as cute as my boyfriend Connor
    I love his style it’s so cool , and a shout out to Connor please
    Stop tuckin ur socks into ur trousers u don’t look
    Cool . I would die without jayden

  • Lelo

    Yeah he iz cul bt i cannt date him big up charmer boi

  • drake DJ

    Jaden is my biggest fan and I’m go get a haircut like him I am a boy and I got on.stage with Jaden before

  • angela

    He is very cute I also love him Jaden pls luv me as ur girlfriend and Wife

  • Hertisha

    Age China Anne McClain.

  • jacqueline janaye johnson

    Jaden is a very handsome fine boy and i like him alot hes like 22 er 23 days older then me i like how he’s funny and has a great since of humor gosh he has 3 much swag and he rocks it well hes talented and he knows what he wants to do when he gets older lol we have much in common u know cept im no boy But he can call me anytime i just want a hey its jaden nd he can hang up but it would be the best day of my life 9016285987 oh MSFTS lol i love misfits it rules ~A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER~

  • coribaker

    jaden smith you are amazing and your father is realy rich and happy 4th july love you jaden smith and sometimes i have reams about you and and my number is 4232761294 cori baker

  • meiah

    Jaden smith is so cute, im 12 finna be 13 july 22 i love him so much, he will always look cute 2 me!!!

  • chelsea

    Omg Jadin is so cute i love you so much:)

    • monique

      OMg he is omg fine.. <3 you jaden

  • brieja

    Jaden is so adorable he juss recently cut all his hair off but he still looks good I’m like a year older then him but one day im gunna meet this kid & hug him to death not literallt i love him to much lol

  • Mary Luce Lozama

    He is so cute i kick ass too. I am karate and i am a black belt so….
    He is so cute 13 i like really….. how do you say in my language (grande personne) that mean an english an adult he act like one and he is going to be the person he want to be or the person his parents want him to be not the perosn his fans want him to be because we are strangers and he care about hisfans but he is not going to be the person we want him to be.
    example: If one of his fan want him do put dress on and sing like that in front of millions of people you think he is going to do it……….No he is not going to do it because he knows better than that.
    Like other tenn boys they will ever do that.
    So i think he is cute and he might ask his parents before do stuff.or he might just gave them his ideas and he might see…

  • Kea Green

    Jaden is a cutie and will remand a cutie 4eva

  • Konnie Robinson

    I think Jaden is gonna look really good compared to his fireball of a sister.

    • Anonymous

      Jaden is a cutie and wil remand a cutie 4eva