10 Clues: Guess the Movie!

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And we’re back with another 10 Clues: Guess the Movie, and we’re seriously hoping that this one’s difficult. Not so difficult that you can’t solve it, of course. Just difficult enough that we don’t feel dumb by making it so easy for ya, ya know? So as you usually do every Tuesday, click through to read the 10 clues and see if you can figure out what movie we’re talking about!

Ready, set…

1.The director of this movie also directed some of the Twilight films.
Twilight Cast 2008

More Clues Ahead!

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  • noa

    definately Twilight

  • Jully

    Taylor ♥

  • Vania

    Dream Girls

  • Vania

    Dream Girls :)

  • Robin


    • Robin

      lol first time i’ve done this. didn’t realize it was one movie

  • Sam

    i’ve never seen that movie, but i’ve heard of it

    • brittney

      Thye Twilight Saga

      • Open

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