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Have you and your friends ever found yourselves sitting around with nothing to do? Do you nearly die of boredom when your parents drag you to that aunt’s house that always smells like rotten cabbage? That’s not just us? Oh, good.

Luckilly, any situation can become awesome if you’ve got the right apps on your phone, and we’ve listed some of our absolute favorites! Just try not to crack up when you find yourself playing with them during that awful history class with that teacher who never smiles. She hates fun.

1. CastleVille – Everyone needs one great time-wasting app, and this Facebook game is definitely the most addictive! You get to assume the role of a knight, and do a variety of activities like farming and battling in a beautiful fairytale-like world. Play it now!

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2. Scramble With Friends – If you’ve had enough of Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends, here’s the latest FREE word game you can challenge your BFFs to. And if your mom tries making you put your phone away, you can always say you’re playing to study for that English test…

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3. Aging Booth – Ever wonder how your friends will look when they grow up? This app takes the guessing out of that. Who’ll be the best looking grandma? Find out now!

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4. PercyFX – Need an epic way to ask out that special someone? Or do you just want an awesome party invite to send out to your friends? This app lets you put a custom message into a scene of your fave movie and it’s pretty freakin’ cool. Buy it here!

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5. Pioneer Trail – If you loved the Facebook FrontierVille app, you’ll love its sequel even more! You and your friends can build a home in the wilderness, raise a family, and journey across the three huge maps. The perfect app for that class field trip to the museum. Play now!

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6. Light Writer – This app makes for some seriously epic pics. You just type in a message or select clipart, wave your arm in the air, and a stream of light displays your message. And we’re pretty sure this is going to replace letter-writing in the very near future. Play here!

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7. Funny Call – This app transforms your voice so you can prank call your friends and family, Bieber style. Just don’t give your friend a heart attack when you call her pretending to be a radio DJ with a set of concert tickets because that’s just mean. Download here!

8. Stachetastic – Fake mustaches are always hilarious. Always. See what your mom, dog, teachers, and frenemies look like with a snazzy lumberjack ‘stache! Check it out here!

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9. Crazy Mouth – Some people just can’t decide what to do when they’re getting their picture taken. Smile? Stick your tongue out? Kissy face? Well now, you can select from a ton of funny mouths and hold them up to your own. You’ll be looking picture perfect every time! Buy it here!

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10. Snookify Me – If Jersey Shore’s pint-sized guidette is your fashion role model, here’s an app that will give you the pefect Snooki makeover. Yes, you can get the poof and tan that you’ve always wanted. Get it here!

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What’s your favorite thing to do on your phone? Which of these apps are you rushing to download? Tell us here!

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