The Jelena That Changes Hairdos Together, Stays Together (Pics)

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With all the awards shows going on this week, we’re pretty confused as to why Jelena didn’t get some sort of award for cutest couple? Anywho, Selena Gomez got some new hair and Justin Bieber brought back his old hair, which basically makes this week’s Instagram photos some of the best ever.  Oh, and also? Justin hit the studio this week to record some more ear-candy for us. And you bet there’s pics of all of it…

Peep the Jelena cuteness below:

Justin Bieber

Me and @ryangood24 supra swag

Justin Bieber

2 much fun

Justin Bieber

Not a game

Selena Gomez

Change is good... My girls @ninezeroone take care of me always :) LOVE

Selena Gomez

Me and @ryangood24 supra swag

What do you think of them changing their hair together? Planned? Coincidence? We think it’s pretty fun. Just sayin’! Tell us what you think!!

Check out Justin and Selena’s PDA!

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Twitter Chatter: The Best Celebrity Twit Pics of the Week
  • Belieber

    Ich mag euch beide!!!!!Ich weiss nicht wie man euch nicht
    mögen kann!?!Man kann ja auch nicht alle mögen.
    Einer aus meiner Klasse hat mal gesagt,dass Biebs
    wie ein Schnabeltier singt.
    Einer aus meiner Klasse kennt noch nicht mal
    Biebs und Sel…

  • Malena

    I lol jb! selenas soooooo lucky!

  • Abbie

    i dont get it why people hate them

    • Helena

      Omg I know right,
      Do you think they are good for each other?
      Because I do
      They are good for each other.

  • Abbie

    I love Justin and Selena …. (: i really dont understand why some people hate them so much … i mean they are really good like a person and .. PS: Selena’s new hair it’s AMAIZING… (:

    • Helena

      Omg me to but loveeeeeeee
      SELENA MAZrIE GOMEZ moreeeeeeee
      I love Selena Gomez!

  • ally

    Love jb sooo hot. Slean love the hair. Awsome cuple

  • Cameron

    I like them both!!! I think its very cute and original! (and to all you haters out there you need to just be quiet and stop being so mean just because your online and you think you can say whatever you want just because you wont have to say it in person doesn’t mean that you can go around being mean all the time, if I had the opportunity to tell any one of you this in person I would)

  • vickisucks

    They look nice but I HATE that jb. Acts like such a cool guy all the time RARGHHHH!!!

    • None Ya

      Leave him alone. I bet you act or try to act cool all the time

      • ally

        Just because you do not like jb doesnot mean u got to say that Ally

  • maddie

    see if selena keeps getting prrttier than justin is going to fall in love with her more

  • Lauren

    Love Selena’s!! ♥ #sowild

    • kayla

      you are cute

  • Lll sindus

    hi selina ur really luckest gril u are looking so beautiful and i wish i also look like u ur show coming on disney channal india and i always watch ur show wonder boy i love u and song u and ur song are awesome please read my cooment on jbshrin please please please please reply

  • Lll sindus

    Justin i am unluckest person in world bec….i am not selena gomez i wish i am selena and i am ur grilfriend and i am looking uglu that reasons i will hate my self but i love u justin best of luck ur never say never

  • Lll sindus

    Wonder boy justin i love i love i love u and ur song

  • niki

    this is cute and whatever but it’s not really important…waste of article

  • amy

    i hate selena gomez but i love justin

    • Lauren

      I like her (:

  • Devon

    selena gomez new hair it’s a copy of katty perry last tyles …

  • Olivia

    I love selenas hair i wish i could do that to my hair

  • Alex

    I LOVEEEEEE……bothhh 😉

  • Sam

    i don’t really like selena’s new hair