Groom Choreographs Awesome Group Dance To The Sounds of The Biebs (Video)

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So the song “Baby” is a few years old one of our all-time fave Bieber jams, so, duh, we’re kind of obsessed with this vid. Brian, the groom, and his very-willing groomsmen choreographed this beyond awesome dance for his new bride, Emily. And not only did the crowd love the dance, so did Justin Bieber himself! The Biebs tweeted his love for the video saying:

“just got sent this. congrats Emily and Brian. nice song. nice moves. haha.”

If it’s good enough for Bieber, it’s good enough for us! Check it!

Do you think this dance does the Biebs’ song justice? Do you want a Bieber dance at your wedding? Share your thoughts with us right here!

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  • Donna

    Everytime I’m feeling down I view this video and it puts a smile on my face. It is such a happy time for that young couple. The husband did a great job!

  • Jan

    She may have denied it to herself up to this moment. Over looked his manners & his good taste. But you know it was this moment when the Bride finally conceded that she had married a gay man.

  • Rakesh

    Thanku orkut. My no.08962912016

  • Mandy

    best way to win a girls heart LOL!

  • Deborah


  • CHIZ!

    is that a dolphins cap i see him wearing?if it is……OH YEAH!!!!

  • Sam

    that’s hilarious!

  • Ashley

    The cutesy thing ever.