Victoria Justice Is Helping You Have the Best Prom (Dress) Ever!

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Victoria Justice Donate My Dress

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If you’re not the lucky winner of our prom dress giveaway, don’t worry, guys. Because Victoria Justice (who happens to be the celeb who we age-ified this week!) is gonna donate hers to you! Well, kiiinda. Vic is officially the spokesperson for the 2012 Donate My Dress campaign, which urges teens to donate their gently-worn dresses and gowns to less fortunate peeps.

Even Victoria is doing the deed, donating that dress to the left that she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Movie Awards. We want! We want!

To get more info about the organization, check out but first, tell us — are you going to donate a dress? What do you think your dress will look like for prom/homecoming/formal this year? Do tell!

Find Out What Victoria Justice Will Look Like As an Old Lady!

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  • kelis

    I love you big time rush

  • divagirl

    i love victoria justice and she is a good advice 4 a prom

  • britany

    well i think its cute

  • Meghan

    Victoria is such an inspiration! I have a bunch of old dresses in my closet and I want to see if I can donate some now!

  • Sam

    i love her style!

    • divagirl

      toads agree with u

  • Brett H

    I think it is amazing that Victoria is going to be the spokesperson for this! She does so much charity work and is a phenomenal example for everyone. Not Only that but she is a fashion icon as well do so it is cool for the cause to have her! She is just awesome

  • Monique

    This is so kind of Vic but did you guys hear of Demi’s colab with ?? #CelebsWhoDoGood