From Our BFFs: How Does an 8-Year-Old Girl Sound Singing “Hardcore” Music?

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This girl Juliet’s prob the most angry 8-year-old we’ve ever seen. Still, she got some skills, eh?

The Twilight Saga might be over… as far the books are concerned. As for the movies, that’s a different story… [Hollywire]

They say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, and Nina Dobrev pretty much prove that theory. [Posh24]

Taylor Swift‘s not the only youngin’ to grace the cover of Vogue mag. Just look at Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart‘s spreads! [HuffPost High School]

OMG, we’re completely ROTFL that LMFAO‘s teaming up with Paris Hilton on her new album. Was Kim Kardashian busy or something? [Cambio]

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Justin Bieber topless. It is prob the first time we’ve seen him without a shirt in the freezing cold snow though. [4TNZ]

Whoa! What are Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman doing with Mark Ballas and Derek Hough? Could they be on DWTS?! [Just Jared Jr.]

We’ve pretty much never seen Snooki without makeup. But ya know something? We think we like it even more than her youge cakey tan look! Less is more, friends. [Wetpaint]

Sophia Grace Brownlee‘s not the only one who can inspire via YouTube. Just check out these nine other gals… [gURL]

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  • Mihai

    very nice! from 8 years to do that? is very interesting

  • Jjsson

    OG of American Idol!!! Love that.. Kelly Clarkson will awylas be the Queen of Idol Carrie is the Princess OH yea Jennifer Hudson is part of the royal Idol court for sure..

  • cece

    Wow……das war richtig gut:O

  • Ibsexy

    Dats was so scary

  • Sam

    omg! that was so scary and intense!