From Shailene Woodley to Vanessa Hudgens, The 10 Best Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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Since the Golden Globes were held this week, we could so take the easy way out and just snag 10 of the best looks from the GG red carpet. But we kinda already did that, so that wouldn’t be much fun. Instead, we picked only five of the hottest dressed celebs from that RC, and then five others from rando events like the Journey 2: The Mysterious Island premiere in Australia, and the photocall for The Vow in Germany.

See who we picked below, then vote for the #1 look of the week!

Emma Stone

Most likely to get an 'Easy A' for her Golden Globes gown


Rachel McAdams

Sexiest lace on a chick who should be with Ryan Gosling

Photo: Splash News

Charlie Theron

Hottest couture Dior on a 35+ year-old


Vanessa Hudgens

Best looking outfit on a girl who's topped the Worst Dressed list way too often


Dianna Agron

Best 'girl on fire' dress that's not designed for Katniss in The Hunger Games


Fivel Stewart

Cutest mini on an actress who's pretty much known only 'cause of her brother


Shailene Woodley

Biggest transformation from adorbs American teenager to gorg GG nom


Jennifer Hudson

Best long-sleeved black mini

Photo: Splash News

Sarah Hyland

Most likely to pull off a hot look even though the zipper's broken in the back. (Yes, that really happened.)


Olivia Holt

Cutest back-to-school outfit

Photo: Splash News

Who trumped the rest with their gorg ensemb? Are there any looks from the Golden Globes that should’ve been on here? Which one would you take off the list if you could? Cast your vote for the best dressed gal, then leave us a note in the comments.

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From Blake Lively to Jennifer Lawrence, The 10 Best Dressed Celebs of the Week!
  • Kassi

    I <3 Vanessa 's (for once (;) and Sarah's the best

  • PrettyinPiink1

    I love Shailene’s!! <3

  • Chris Morrissey

    I voted already but i want to let you know that I believe everyone looked pretty. The best ones that stood out are Fivel Stewart in that blue dress. Very beautiful. Olivia Holt was cute. I liked them both. They both are very beautiful ladies. I just wanted you to know that. Thank you. I support both of them.

  • Cadie

    How is Olivia Holt topping the poll? She’s definitely gorgeous and her outfit is cute, but it’s not really that special, I see plenty of girls dressed like that all the time.

    • PrettyinPiink1

      Agreed.. It’s just a regular outfit..

  • Dale D.

    Olivia is so OMG BEAUTIFUL! <3<3<3 Love her!!! <3<3<3

  • Dave A Cooper -BubblegumDave

    one million percent Olivia Holt!!!!!!! her look is almost as beautiful and magical as her s mile

  • Sara


  • kassandra

    Omg, love Olivia’s clothes!!<3

  • Guy

    Olivia Holt nice shoes and outfit she makes everything look fab.

  • Sam

    i like shailene’s fivel’s, sarah’s, and vanessa’s dresses