Crazy Products and Things Teenagers Invented

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We were busy updating our Twitter when we noticed that #ThingsWhitePeopleInvented was trending and totally fell out of our chairs laughing. So, as per youge, we decided we had to join in on the fun, with some #ThingsTeenagersInvented! Here are some ridic things that just had to have been made by you guys:

Twilight Hair Dryer

Remember that scene where Edward whips out his purple hairdryer to help tame that crazy hair of his? No? Neither do we! We just know a teenager had to have come up with this baby.

Magic Wand Remote

This is the ultimate gadget for lazy teens. Forget going through all the trouble of pressing buttons… if you want to change the channel, just flick your wrist! Clearly a Potterhead was behind this one.

Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush

Okay, we know you Beliebers were the brainchild of this bad boy that or some really genius businessman… but hey, sign us up for one. This seems like the perfect way to start off our day.

One Direction Dolls

After talking to One Direction this week, we totally get why you guys invented 1D dolls. They look almost as hot as the boys themselves!

What are some other great #ThingsTeenagersInvented that we missed? We would you invent if you had the chance? Tell us right here!

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13 Responses to "Crazy Products and Things Teenagers Invented"

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    Brant Dawson says:

    Game, Game only Game….

    Floyd Mcgrath says:

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    S says:

    I want the wand remote! I don’t think I would spend that much money on something like that though. Maybe someone reading my comment will buy it for me…

    Jane says:

    i LOVE that wand remote defo a potterhead invention GIVE ME 1!!!!!!! maybe arthur weasley finally understands what the muggle world is all about? :D

    hann says:

    Oh Harry Styles and your Susan Boyle looking doll. It’s okay Hazza. Everyone knows you’re ridic good looking IRL

    Sam says:

    the dolls look so real! and i really want a justin bieber toothbrush!

    me says:

    harry potter remote ohh yeahh! :D

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