Bieber Gets His Swag Back & Selena Gets a Piggy Back Ride in Mexico (Pics)

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We’re feeling sort of whole again this week  – Jelena instagrams are back! And we couldn’t be happier, especially because of what these guys have been up to. While Selena Gomez was rocking out in Mexico City, Justin Bieber hit the studio (with some of our faves…) for his new album, Believe! We’re thinking we kinda want Justin to teach Selena some of his swag fashion…Swagelena?!

Check out the weekly Jelena fun below:

Selena Gomez

Lots of love for the UNICEF show :)

Justin Bieber

#stance lifestyle

Selena Gomez

Regardless it's a blue eye shadow kinda day..

Justin Bieber

I see u

Justin Bieber

Airport sleep

Selena Gomez

So every time I perform Who Says I always go barefoot (which everyone hates, but it's fun) so that means Brian has to give me piggy back rides all the way out of the venues :)

Selena Gomez

BTW Mexico City, that was the most intense, crazy, chaotic most beautiful show EVER.. Thank you! Te amo

Selena Gomez

Which one should I wear tonight? #WOTNsouthamerica I'm only supposed to wear one but I want both!

Is it just us or do you kinda wanna see more PDA Jelena instagrams? They were pretty darn adorbs, do you agree? Tell us what you think!!

Check out Justin and Selena’s New Hairdos!

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  • Belieber

    Justin,du siehst sooooooooooooo süß
    aus wenn du schläfst!!!!
    Selena,egal was du anziehst,
    du siehst immer schön aus!!!!!!!

  • alex

    i went to have sex with her

    • selena gomez

      hi my fans i like my dress to but i rather wear blue but with no gold i’ll gold

  • kassandra

    i like the pick dress but if i were her i’ll were blue

    • Megan

      Says’, that’s the same song Justin Bieber stteard singing in Malaysia and his fans weren’t too happy about it! Maybe he should stick with letting Selena sing it. It was a sweet gesture

  • sandra


  • sandra

    does’nt matter . hey i need advice selena . i’m almost in tears becuse this guy seems like he does’nt want 2 date me . wer’re friends but i want to getcloser to him i tried 2 move on but i’m fighting tears. help me asap

  • jennifer

    i think the pink dress is beautiful

  • jennifer

    i love the pink dress

  • maddie

    :) I Love The The Pink Dress <3

  • hayley

    She should go with the blue is complements her eyes but i don’t like the gold on it

  • Anonymous

    love the socks, justin and he looks so cute when he’s sleeping! i love selena’s pink dress!

    • Angelica

      esto es pa senlea espero que no te deje ir y que teaga super feliz omo te lo mereses si te ase sufrir apenas un poquitoaunque estemo lejos boy y la mato jejesenlea no ballas a ser tan boba de dejar pasar a una ermosura asitan lindo como justin que es un bonbonyo la tendria que odiar a senlea por estar con justin pero no esasi poque es lo que justin elijio para su vida senlea no me agas sufrir a mi bonbonsito de dulse de lechey vos justin no pierdas este amor que tenes con selen asi porque asiun besote mi amor te amooooo.nombre- cinthya pamelaapellido- rodriguez gadeafecha de naciniento- 1999edad- 11 anossigno- taurobesos besos bay bay

  • anaida

    love both dress but the pink it the cutest