From Blake Lively to Jennifer Lawrence, The 10 Best Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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best-dressed-january-28-2012 Even without a major awards show happening, there were plenty of amazingly dressed gals in Hollywood this week. Like, just LOOK at Naya Rivera shining at her birthday party! And Taylor Swift looking so chic during her trip to London!

Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure to check out all 10 of the ladies we’ve crowned best dressed this week in the gallery below. And you can’t leave without voting for your fave!

Blake Lively

Best Jason Wu dress on a Chanel spokesperson

Photo: Splash News

Kim Kardashian

Best Dress for Great Curves on a Kardashian


Jennifer Lawrence

Prettiest Dress on an Oscar-Announcer-Slash-Nominee

Photo: Splash News

Naya Rivera

Hottest Glee star with or without this purple dress

Photo: Splash News

Elizabeth Banks

Best sparkly mini dress that's so not Effie Trinket


Emma Roberts

Best Pulling off of the Goth Look Even Though She's Not


Emmy Rossum

Most Rockin' Dress on a Rockin' TV Star

Photo: Splash News

Mandy Moore

Sexiest LBD and Red Lips Combo

Photo: Splash News

Olivia Palermo

Most Rockin' Look on a Not-So-Famous Fashionista


Taylor Swift

Best Look That Regular People Can Actually Wear Seen on a Pop Star

Photo: Splash News

So, who’s it gonna be? Who looked the best? Whose outfit is kinda bleh? Tell us in the comments and vote below!

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  • Lena

    who cares. in my opinion there’s nothing less important in the world than fashion.

    • janne

      Then you’re definitely on the wrong site, dear.

  • Catherine Gozon

    well i make sure you guys those artist wearing fabulous dresses because their has a lot of money. just keep waiting until they show to people.

  • Catherine Gozon

    <3 hello? guys i just to say hi to Ashley Benson. thank you so much for the live chat. take care and god bless.<3<3<3

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  • Kassi

    Seriously Naya. it looks like you cut up and threw on a bathrobe. How can you say she looks good !!!???I would never wear it

  • A Reader

    Dearest Teen.Com,
    Those stupid ads drive me nuts.
    Every page I go to on this site, I have to pause the video.
    Please do something about this.
    A Reader

  • ivvie

    who ever voted for taylor demon swift has no fashion taste its to boring and to much black and her hair is soooo not cute.

    • Ivyyy

      Oh really? The fact that you’ve called her ‘demon’ in the first place makes you mean in the first place. Let the haters hate. Just saying. Who are you to judge? You’re no fashion designer. Everyone is individual and you shouldn’t be calling PEOPLE IN THE CHARTS, unlike you, unfashionable. You’re just jealous, I bet. Tay’s got an amazing fashion sense, don’t judge her or anyone who likes her taste.

    • jessica

      i bet whatever u wear isnt cute. a nerd may have better fashion scense than u! taylor is the most beutiful singer ever! prettier than sel gomez! be nice to taytay swift, meanie

      sincerly, not a fan of you

  • Anonymous

    i love elizabeth’s gold dress and i love the color of naya’s dress.