Everything You Need to Know About Taylor Lautner’s New/Old GF, Taylor Swift’s Grammy Awards Promos and More!

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Sorry ladies, but it looks like Taylor Lautner‘s off the market — again! — with that chick in the pic to the left. And if she looks kinda familiar to you, it’s probably because she’s actually Tay’s HS sweetheart and on-again/off-again girlfie, Sara Hicks. Why any girl would get back together with a guy that only dates her when everyone else dumps him is beyond us. Then again, who could poss say “no” to that bod face?

As for another one of Taylor’s former sweeties…

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  • ashley

    omg i was planing on dateing him when i get older but his taken luky hole lmafo

  • lauren

    Damn! srry bout the language but seriously? i want talyor 2 date me! he is so frickin hot

    • twilightfan#1

      cum on dont ury bout language i no rite i like no idont like i LUV Taylor Lautner hes ssssoooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pattie

    Hey Selena gomez Justins mine so back off!!!

    • twilightfan#1

      do u reely like justin beever eeeewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So Selena Gomez

    Dear, Kaitlin Cubria,
    Hey! I just wanted to say that I couldn’t watch videos 1 and 2 because it said that the uploaded has not made this video available in you country. Can you please fix this? Thanks!

    • Kaitlin Cubria

      Hey, So Selena Gomez!

      The administrator made it so those videos are only available in the U.S., and unfortch we don’t have the ability to change that :\

      Sorry, but maybs you can catch them on CBS!

  • gabi


    • So Selena Gomez

      Taylor Lautner is a superstar! not ur man! This is why I’m not a “beliber”! Xx

      • simpsons fan ya

        bitch r u crazy ur so not all dat so shut da fuk up

  • cullen-bieber13

    taylor lautner and sara hicks are prolly not dating. i think theyre just friends because i’ve heard this rumour too many times
    im still rooting for selena+taylor

    • So Selena Gomez

      Same her! I even had a nickname for when they get back together! Telena! to much like Jelena, though, isn’t it?

      • Andreita

        Is this the real selena gomez if so tell tay that Andreita Is his biggest fan and to be my facebook friend.

  • Sam

    taylor and sara looks pretty cute together and i can’t wait for the grammys!

    • twilightfan#1

      r u crazy.:0

  • sophie

    im gonna vomet!he should go out with me.i have hair like hers i am taller then herhe should go to atlanta ga stonemountain for a month .we might meet.