Hotties of the Week: The Sexiest Guys From All Those Underwear Ads

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Usually when we do our Hottie of the Week picks, we tend to add one or two guys that are more cute than sexy. (It’s hard to find a solid 10 sometimes!) But trust us when we tell you that this is the most drool-worthy group of boys men we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Each and every one of them is fine — with a capital F! The main reason? They’re all… Male… Models!

(You’re welcome, in advance.)

Francisco Lachowski
His eyes aren’t crystal blue like Ian Somerhalder‘s, but they still make us melt.

Lowell Tautchin
Like his last name suggests, he really does have a taut (neat) chin. And hair… and complexion.

Benjamin Eidem
He’s kinda got a Jesse McCartney thing going on as far as his face goes.
‘cept JMac wishes he could pull off a business suit like Ben.

Chad White
We can’t decide what turns us on more — his chiseled face or rockin’ bod!

Sebastian Sauve
The haircut’s meh and the outfit is ‘WTF’ status, but just look at those arms!

 Alexander Johansson
And we thought ScarJo was the most gorg Johansson. Clearly, we were wrong.

Arthur Sales
Oh, what we wouldn’t give to be that chain.

Alexander Staudal
If he wasn’t already an Abercrombie model, we’d tell him to sign up ASAP.
He’s just got that Cali look.

Shayne Cureton
It’s prob wrong to choose our favorite of ’em all.
But if we could, Shayne might just be on the top of our list. Just might.

The Patriota Twins
The best part? There’s TWO of them!

Now comes the hard part — choosing the sexiest one! It’s all up to you guys, so tell us if we left out another fine male mod in the comments, then vote for the hottest of our picks below!


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  • jolie

    i get sucking you chade white

  • shamroze

    The boys are too sexy i feel too crazy to find them for sex

  • Anonymous

    Cute boy

  • lulu

    ha ha…. has it suddenly got hot in here or what. OMFG francisco and the twins are super H.O.T. HOT!!!!! they can come around my house for a bit of fun anytime ;-);-)XD;-)

  • lulu

    ha ha… has it suddenly got hot in here or what. OMFG francisco and the twins are super H.O.T. HOT!!!!
    HA HA they can come around my house to have a bit of fun anytime 😉 😉 XD 😉

  • asSy

    wow!!! they sexy

  • johnpu


  • lena

    geez….they are all so HOT!! i luv a shirtless guy. Drives me crazy

    • s m mallah

      i fuc k u lena

  • amit

    i want to eff by u

  • Valia

    And I am not mad at Reggie for Kim Kardashian. It was funny seeing her in the soybkx at the Superdome, knowing she doesn’t know the first thing about football. LOL. But whatever she is doing to make Bush play like he played last week I hope it continues against Favre & Company.Geaux Saints!! Reply:January 19th, 2010 at 4:16 pmI just saw on Wendy Williams supposedly he said if they win the Superbowl, he’s proposing so you know she’ll be there cheering her man on. lol

  • SarahNeverBeenHere

    OMG, the twins are da HOTTEST THING! x2? C’MON, THAT’S RIGHT

  • Lovatic

    Benjamin and the Twins were hot!! It was really hard to choose.

  • Manhwa

    Francisco Lachowski !!!!!! Chico all the way…

    • maddie boyer

      Those are some sexy boys

  • Sam

    alexander and the twins are hot!