OMG! Breaking Dawn: Part 1 – the Musical?! (Video)

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Okay, we love the Twilight series… but we might love this parody even more! The Hillywood Show pretty much captured Breaking Dawn: Part 1 perfectly, from the wedding scene to the steamy honeymoon… but instead of dialogue, their Bella, Edward and Jacob use music to say what’s on their minds. We know. It’s pure genius:

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly the same as Breaking Dawn: Part 1. But come on, tell us you wouldn’t have loved Jacob interrupting Bella and Edward’s honeymoon to sing some Pitbull. And is it just us, or could the guy in the vid be Robert Pattinson‘s twin?!

What do you think? Do you prefer Breaking Dawn as a musical? Or is impossible to find something as awesome as the real movie? Tell us in the comments!

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13 Responses to "OMG! Breaking Dawn: Part 1 – the Musical?! (Video)"

    LunaSterling says:

    i just wish i knew what songs they sang in that parody. i need a list so i can put them on my mp3 player

    bella says:

    she ded

    SarahNeverBeenHere says:

    Yeah, that girls prettier than Kristen in SO many ways!, KStew, I absolutely LOVE you but, we gotaa accept it right? hahha +it was HILAR!

    SarahNeverBeenHere says:

    It’s just me, or the girl who’s Rosalie looks EXACTLY like Hanna form PLL?

  5. [...] The parody video has us LOLing as we wait for the real movie to come out. And we can’t forget the hilarious parody video of Twilight’s “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” expressed entirely through song. Trust us, you’ll be laughing too, even if you’re not a [...]

    Sam says:

    lol that’s hilarious!

      Padma says:

      This didn’t just debut, it was leaked about a month ago. I don’t like the books or mvioes but it’s funny how they note the success of Harry Potter and split the final movie. Keep on milking it.

    ferr says:

    hahahahahahahaha funny but i still dont like twilight

      Nordine says:

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    anaida says:

    lol that waz fuunyy

      Marie says:

      Kinda sucks that they didn’t give a new sneak of the movie this is the same one that was attached to Harry Potter this wekneed. It looks better than the first three I’ll give it that. I was a SUPER fan, but I’ve really died out as time goes on I’m over it to a point.

      Lhen says:

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