From Our BFFs: What Does the Sweetest Cover of Lady Gaga Sound Like?

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We didn’t say it at the time, but we were really rooting for this group, Pentatonix, during this past season of NBC’s The Sing-Off. And after you watch this Lady Gaga cover of theirs, you’ll see why…

In honor of the flick, John Carter, starring Taylor Kitsch, anyone named John Carter can win a trip to Peru!! So will the real John Carter please stand up? [Disney]

These peeps named the three movies they’re anticipating in 2012. The Hunger Games is obviously one of them. As for the other two… [Cambio]

What’s the best way to go behind the scenes of Gossip Girl? By peeping an interview with its creator, duh! [gURL]

And speaking of GGBlake Lively kisses Ryan Reynolds and tells in the newest edish of ELLE mag. [Hollywire]

Now that Klaus’ brother Elijah is back on TVD, we’d like to present to you the evolution of… his hair! [Vampire Diaries]

Apparently Good Luck Charlie‘s Bridgit Mendler isn’t just a talented actress. Just look at her new music vid! [Just Jared Jr.]

We always thought celebs like Rihanna and Sofia Vergara were flawless. But after seeing this, notsomuch. [Wetpaint]

Fresh off her separation from Russell Brand, Katy Perry‘s rumored to be dating this dude (below!)… [Posh24]

Directioners, prepare to scream. Due to the high demand of One Direction in the US, they’re releasing their album. One. Week. Early!!!  [J-14]

Before you watch the Super Bowl this weekend, see what Patriots QB Tom Brady (AKA Gisele Bundchen‘s hubby) looked like in HS! (BTW, we totally would’ve had a crush on him.) [HuffPost High School]

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  • Sam

    they sound pretty good!

    • Noguchi

      Ok, now you’ve gone and done it…..I have drool all over my keyboard!Looks like I have to stop and get some prelezts today.Thanks for another recipe that I am 100% sure will be a “go to” one for gatherings. (with a few tossed into the freezer for one of the snack attacks that happen once in a while.)