Everything You Need To Know About Demi’s Risque Photo Shoot, Miley’s Sex Scene and More!

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Even though Demi Lovato is on a “twitter break“, she checked back in to share her latest photo-shoot with Tyler Shields, and we’re loving all the sexy pics. Tyler even said that he has “received more emails asking me to release this shoot than any other shoot I have ever done,” on his official site. Check out the rest of the pics.

And it looks like Demi’s Disney pal is also getting a bit raunchy…

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4 Responses to "Everything You Need To Know About Demi’s Risque Photo Shoot, Miley’s Sex Scene and More!"

  1. Teen.com
    Jerimay says:

    I think that’s nothing to blame Demi it’s just
    Probably her boss that force her or somebody
    All I know is Demi can’t do that sort of thing no
    Way but if she did maybe she thinks it’s not harmful
    To publicity so if she did can’t blame her

  2. Teen.com
    JJ says:

    Omg Ashley is killing that dance

  3. Teen.com
    Sarah says:

    No offence to Demi or anything (cuz I LOVE demi) but she kinda looks like a slut but she is not) ( I’m not a hater)

  4. Teen.com
    Sam says:

    i didn’t know they danced. i should’ve remembered that because they were in high school musical!

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