An Ode to Our Favorite Birthday Boy, Darren Criss

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Darren CrissYou didn’t think we’d let today pass by without giving birthday acknowledgment to Darren Criss, did ya? And since we unfortunately couldn’t wrap ourselves up and ship the box off to the set of Glee, we figured writing him this birthday poem would be less creepy suffice. So keep reading to see our ode to Darren, and be sure to leave your own bday messages for him in the comments, k?




Today is the birthday of our favorite of the gleeks,
the hottie who we get to watch on TV every week.
It’s Darren Criss, you guys! Aka Blaine Anderson
And we’re about to tell you why we love him a ton.

Let’s start with his talent first, Ok?
Actually, in that case we’ll be here for a day.
We loved him back when he was just a Starkid
With singing and dancing and making funny vids.

But now that he plays our fave former Warbler on Glee
Our love for Darren has grown exponentially.
We love when he sings Katy Perry songs and hangs out with Kurt
And sidenote, we just about die when he wears a bowtie with that shirt.

But how can we forget Darren’s Broadway debut?
It was only for a few weeks, but we don’t think that matters. Do you?
Darren just proves he’s got the dancing and acting chops
And singing, especially — we hope he never stops!

Now just a quick word before we go
About Darren’s good looks. They can’t go unmentioned, ya know
Between his curly fro and that boy-next-door charm
We want nothing more than to have Darren Criss on our arm.

So Darren, today as you turn 25,
And until again we get to see you perform live
We wish you the happiest of birthdays that you’ve ever had
And please just know we’ve got a crush on you like MAD!

Good one, eh?! What was your fave part of the poem? What do you wanna tell Darren on his special day? Tell us below, ok?!

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  • Maria

    I am in love with your beautiful face!!!!!

  • Brittany

    OMG Darren i am your Biggest fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you and everything about you!

  • Bayley

    happy b-day Darren can i say i am the biggest fan of all time

    • Logan

      have you watched his starkid plays on youtube, because that’s what makes a real fan

      • Amanda

        Thank you logan, i totally agree.

        P.S. Starkid is “Totally Awesome”. I love watching Darren play “Harry Freakin Potter” and watching joey play ron when he’s in “Granger Danger”.

        P.P.S. I love you darren! remember that your “not alone” and always “Listen to your heart”. Anyone that hasn’t seen Starkid shows is not a true fan of you and everyone should be. ILY!

        P.P.P.S. “Hermione can’t draw” :)

    • Maria

      No Frickin way I am ugly face

  • Laura B

    Happy birthday Darren :-)

  • StarkidHobbit

    Happy Birthday Darren!!!! Ok,first I want to thank your parents that brought you into the world, because without you the world would seem so gloom. Anyway, enough ranting.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOBBIT!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  • Christiaan

    Happy B-day Darren!! Hope you had a Fantastic day!,
    be Blessed and keep up the good work and inspiration to your fans!! Awesomeness!

    Great Poem!