W-T-Fashion?! The Worst Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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Where have all the celeb stylists gone?! Sorry for our little outburst, but we just really wanna know who’s helping our fave stars pick out their clothing nowadays. They’re just — to put it bluntly — gross! But before we give too much away and start pointing fingers at the most disastrous looks we’ve ever seen (:cough: Rihanna :cough:), let’s just get right down to the most W-T-Fashion moments of the week…

Jenna Ushkowitz
Tina Cohen-Chang’s gothic style would be a welcomed choice compared to this
unflattering piece of see-through cloth with cuts on the sides.


Heather Morris
As for another gleek, we just wanna know what’s going on here exactly.
It’s like 25% short, 25% long, 50% leather and 100% all over the place.


Emma Roberts
This look isn’t horrific. Emma just needs to tidy up a bit, possibly by buying a blazer that actually fits, and not wearing a tee underneath. (Maybe this is what happens post-breakup?)

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Shenae Grimes
Not gonna lie, Shenae did add a little edge to that pilgrim dress.
But with the cutesy bow added to the mix, it’s a little more first grade than first class.

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Jennifer Lopez
Anybody need a Q-tip? J.Lo’s coat’s got plenty to spare.


No, RiRi. Just no. Her new tousled blonde locks look like they’re made up of dead ends.
Yet we’re more concerned about those cut-off denim shorts paired with those hooker boots.

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Which celebrity deserves the crown for the Worst Dressed of the Week? Were there any looks that should be taken off the list? Go ahead, we know you wanna tell us

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14 Responses to "W-T-Fashion?! The Worst Dressed Celebs of the Week!"

  1. Teen.com
    RiRi says:

    I think all of theses looks absolutely amazing. It’s their personal style GET OVER IT!!! You people are the first one to point finger at someone. That is why a lot of girls have insecurities. Stop messing with people, who are you to judge anyone…..

  2. Teen.com
    Fashionluver2 says:

    Come on, these outifts are not too bad. And Rihanna could easily pull of the top without the boots. The cat one wasn’t too bad either, not like you guys go out with a runway outfit every day?

  3. Teen.com
    brittney says:

    omg wow these outfits r something lol thats all i have to say

  4. Teen.com
    Anna says:

    Rihannas not that bad except for the boots, and its not like everybody doesnt have perfect outfits every time they go out, sheesh -_-

  5. Teen.com
    chocolated19 says:

    All yall haten on dat lady…..wateva she have on and wateva she doin……datz her…..she still gettin dem bank rolls…………..lol………….lol……and i see dont no one have a reply so u kno wat dat mean……..shhe dont give a FUCK…….silly people….

  6. Teen.com
    Mrs. Bieber says:

    LOL i lve how no one noticed that Rihanna sweating!!!!

  7. Teen.com
    kat says:

    Rhianna you look like shit

  8. Teen.com
    Sam says:

    emma doesn’t even look that bad

  9. Teen.com
    cheyenne says:

    rhianna may look hoeish, but its not a “bad” outfit. the worst outfit i think is heather morris

  10. Teen.com
    maddie says:

    Emma and Shenae are not that bad :/

    • Teen.com
      Jane says:

      i agree and they should give em some slack since her and chord overstreet broke up after 9 months!

  11. Teen.com
    hayley says:


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