We Can’t Stop Pinning! 10 Pinterest Things We’re Loving (That You Will Too)!

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Are you as obsessed with Pinterest as we are?! It’s the new social media site that allows you to organize all your favorite “pins” aka “pics” into specific boards so you can go back and check out your stuff later on.  And even though our Pinterest page is, uh, under construction, celebs like Ashley Benson are lovin’ the Pinterest craze! So check out a few of our favorite pins we’ve seen and the types of boards you can create. And happy pinning!

1. Hot Guys: Obvi, we totally swoon over Channing Tatum. This “pin” basically speaks for itself. But just imagine creating an entire “board” on your Pinterest dedicated to abs like this?! Uh-mazing.

2. Dream Vacations: Planning a spring break trip with your pals? Search for any destination and pin some of your faves to a dream vacay board! Oh, and does this Bora Bora pin look familiar? Remember that time Kris Humpries chucked Kim Kardashian into that sparkly blue ocean?! Yup. that happened.

3. DIY: On that rainy day when you’re feelin’ kinda artsy, pin a few craft ideas to a DIY board for you and your pals to do at your next sleepover! Check out these amaze un-tangle-able ear-buds (that also happen to be super cute).

4. Funny Celeb Pics: There’s nothing we love more than a little celebrity LOL. Just when we thought Scott Disick couldn’t possibly get more awesome, we found this pic and pinned it immeds. #perfectmatch

5. Animals: Okay, okay, we admit it. We could probs sit around all day and scroll through pics of adorable pups and kitties. Like this little guy, who we imagine is singing something by Kitty Purry?

6. Yummy Desserts: Three things…peanut butter, cookie dough, brownies. Yeah, brilliant. This is an OMG-worthy dessert that we couldn’t pin fast enough.

7. TV & Movies We Love: Thank you, Pinterest, for reminding us how weird elegant Spencer Hastings looked on the Halloween episode of PLL. Although this outfit is vom-worthy, we love to pin this kinda stuff from our fave shows and movies.

8. Funny Stuff: Gross? Yes. Hilarious? Definitely. You can’t find this stuff on Twitter, guys.

9. Prom Inspiration: Can’t find that perfect prom dress? Check out some of your fave celebs and pin a few of your ideas around ’till you get the perfect style! BTW, how prom-worthy is SelGo‘s RC look?! We love.

10. Quotes: You know all of those quotes you find but then you’re not sure how to get them all in one place? Voilà! Pinterest at your service. There are literally thousands of quotes like this one that we just love for a little daily pick-me-up!

Are you obsessing over Pinterest yet?! What kind of boards do you use and follow? Tell us all about it right here in the comments!

Check Out These Hilarious Pics to to “Pin” to your Pinterest Page!

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