What Nick Jonas Will Look Like in 55+ Years

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Last time we “age”-ified a dude on Teen.com, it was Selena Gomez‘s ex, Taylor Lautner. Now, we’re peeking into the future of another one of Selly’s former boyfriends — Nick Jonas! And if we do say so ourselves, he’s not looking like his youge self. But we’ll try not to spoil anything for ya. You’re gonna have to continue reading to see who the youngest (well, second youngest to Frankie) JoBro will resemble in the future…

Nick at 19 years old
With his luscious locks and young face, it’s no wonder he has girls swooning.
But will it last forever? Only time (and clicking on) will tell…

See how Nick’s gonna look!

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5 Responses to "What Nick Jonas Will Look Like in 55+ Years"

  1. Teen.com
    natalie burgess says:

    well i think nick look sexey thats my kinda man n i whould kiss him all over n have sex with him

  2. Teen.com
    Lovatic says:

    Haha it was amazing especially the 20s and 75+ you guys made that but your self:D loved it!!

  3. Teen.com
    asma says:

    little bet the 75′s pic looks like him … but he will be the same handsome and cute even he is old …. he will still be the cutest one …… i wish him all the best in his life, careers and health.
    i support you dear nick … you are the one ….. i’m your biggest fan really

    i hope he will see my message

    love you

  4. Teen.com
    BOSSGURL says:

    yeah no thank you…those is so not nick Jonas

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