Super Easy Celeb Hair Trend: Wearing your Hair over One Shoulder

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One celeb hair trend snuck up on us over the past few months: Hair thrown over one shoulder. It’s sounds crazy easy to be an actual hair trend, right? Wrong! It instantly draws attention to your gorg face and outfit without really trying, which is pretty much our new favorite thing.

Here are some great variations on the oh-so-simple style worn by some of our celeb hair idols:

If you’re going to rock some bright pink lipstick like Lea Michele, this glammed-up casual ‘do is a major DO. You don’t want to compete with one element of dramatic makeup and this style frames her face to hold your attention. We’re sure Rachel Berry would approve.

Miley Cyrus puts a little wave and volume in this style. Her version is obvs a little more styled than Lea’s and is kept in place with hidden bobby pins. It’s definitely not creeping anywhere near her bare shoulder!

Shailene Woodley gives off a laid-back vibe with her version of the style. (It kind of reminds us of the awesome Hawaiian setting of her movie, The Descendants!

Minka Kelly always has a way of keeping her look cool and casual no matter how many times she’s clocked getting ready. (We’re guessing that for some mayj red carpet events, she clocks in quite a bit, but never looks it.)

Do you ever toss your hair over one shoulder? Do you think the look is glam enough for the red carpet or better for just a regular day? Which celeb’s look is the prettiest? Sound off right here!

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  • Auth

    Have to agree. She’s had better hiracuts than that. Hopefully she didn’t pay an arma nad a leg for that. Hopefully it was abeauty school student who did that, at least it justifies why it’s awful.

  • Houssem

    Bwhahahaha totally! I coludn’t quite pinpoint what she was going for but 80’s were in mind. I used to watch their show and I thought maybe episodes with her hair this way were reruns. Apparently not!

  • Mansi

    When you talked about the hseottt women ever my brain just went: Heather Morris! Heather Morris! Heather Morris! And showed me flashbacks from who run the world’ and brittani/britney’ xP

  • ihartbellathorne

    i always have my hair tosses over 1 shoulder but i normaly have it in a braid only on 1 side tossed over the shoulder. and i agree miley looks so pretty

    • Daniel

      I think I read that she DIDN’T have work done she just shot up a few inches and didnt put on a whole lot of wgihet, so her cheeks look sunken and her face just hasn’t stopped changing yet. Where did you read she had plastic surgery? I think you’re facts are twisted.

  • Sam

    they all look pretty with their hair like that!

  • Honey

    That is stubid

    • Marina

      Rachel Zoe is an idiot! All she does is bitch about how busy she is on that stupid show then she spits out a child. Nothing like aotehnr quick hand off to a nanny. In this case all though I do think the child will become a better person being raised by others. I was shocked to see Rachel pregnant the woman looks like shes through menopause. If anyone from that network is reading blogs and happen to stop at the best site on the web and read this. PLEASE CANCEL THAT SHOW!!! Let her bitch because she has no work.

  • coolgirl

    Wow Miley looks pretty

  • Girl003

    This is very pretty!

    • Beatlove

      I so agree! It would look very good on dark brown hair!!!!!