From Our BFFS: Wanna See the Coolest Grandparents Ever?

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We’ve seen our fair share of cool grandparents videos, but this one? Nothing compares. Watch Gram and Gramps sing their grandson a song for his 18th birthday. Just realize that your own grandparents will pretty much never stack up…

The Kardashians are about to have another sister. Rumor has it that Kourtney is preggers with a baby girl! [Wetpaint]

Yay for the ban on Prop 8 in California! We bet our fave on-screen gay couples like Emily and Maya from Pretty Little Liars are celebrating like we are…[gURL]

So how does Bella Thorne really feel about all those Miley Cyrus comparisons? Uh, she doesn’t like ’em one bit. [Twist]

If you haven’t yet had your daily tear-jerker, we think this video will do it. This Selena Gomez fan is the cutest! [HuffPost High School]

Forget Justin Bieber. Now we want Selena Gomez as our Valentine! Or at least to be one of the lucky peeps to get this in the mail… [Cambio]


Or instead you can get this for Valentine’s Day… a phone call from One Direction!!! [Just Jared Jr.]

Yup, there Lauren Conrad goes again, making us envious of her hair. At least this time she’s showing us how to get her look! [Posh24]

If you’re not yet in love with Josh Hutcherson, you’re about to be — he admits to being a “big romantic!” [Hollywire]

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  • Joice

    Dear Selena Marie Gomez,You are my favorite acserts/singer/dancer. You are amazing! PLEASE come to Illinois for concert! I really want to see you in real life, and meet you too! You are the best ever! I really really really want to see you perform and possibly meet you:). If you do come please tell me. Love yaP.S. Please write back, hopefully saying you’ll come:) You are my idol! Hope to see you soon. If you come it would be a dream come true!

  • cece

    das ist total lustig

  • Anonymous

    lol that was kinda funny