Hottie of the Week: The Hottest of Readers’ Boyfriends!

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With Valentine’s Day coming in less than a week, we thought we should announce the winners of our Hottie of the Week: YOUR Boyfriend (or just a friend) contest. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to know you’re sharing V-Day with someone deemed a hottie by Not everyone gets that honor, people.

Out of all the submissions, we picked the top 10 best-looking. Unfortunately, NO ONE left the names of their guys behind, so we can’t go stalking them on Facebook give them credit for lookin’ good. So instead, we just showed a little bit of love for the girls who entered them. Did your man make the cut? Peep our choices below!

Submitted by: Steph

Submitted by: Jessica

Submitted by: Lacy

Submitted by: Sandra

Submitted by: Eileen

Submitted by: Rachel

Submitted by: Sammy

Submitted by: Amy

Submitted by: Alex

Submitted by: Selena
(So what if we couldn’t see his face?)

Submitted by:
Mainly because he looks like James Maslow. Oh wait…

Whose boyf was the hottest? Do you have any cute guy friends, too?? And to be a little mean controversial, whose guy doesn’t deserve to be on here? Vote below, then leave all your answers in the comments!

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8 Responses to "Hottie of the Week: The Hottest of Readers’ Boyfriends!"

    victor says:

    very hot male..
    and big..

    jaziegirl267 says:

    selena’s bf is defiately hottest!!!

    Jessica says:

    Oh come on! I wanna know where these girls leave! I’ve never met such hottie guys in my area… so jealous :(
    Me sad

    Lovatic says:

    Selena’s bf and the clone of James Maslow were the cutest<3

    hayley says:


    Anonymous says:

    the one submitted by selena was pretty hot especially because of his abs, but i couldn’t see his face but he’s already looking hot to me! and the last one really does look like james from big time rush. that girl is a cheater! jk!

    Belieber says:

    selena’s bf…

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