Stuff To Post On Your Wall: Super Bowl Sadness, Bored Celebs and More

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Hello again! We’re back with more funny pics for you! Yay! This week, Gisele Bundchen got in trouble for defending her hubs, Super Bowl loser Tom Brady, but we know she was just trying to cheer him up. We also found Lana Del Ray looking just a tad bored, and Jake T. Austin looking extra hot tough. We dug up a few other funnies we think you’ll enjoy, so as always, be sure to post them on your wall!

So, what do you think of our pics? Can you make a funnier one? Tweet it @teen or post a link in the comments!

More Funny Pics to Post On Your Wall

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  • maria


  • Priscila

    its not wrong to find the same sex attractive elpceiasly if they have a nice personality and features but if you act on it then thats when it gets weird

  • NyanCat

    I agree with Brielle. Want some funny captions? Go to Good website with real FUNNY captions

    • Prajwal

      Sounds like so much fun!!And why are guys so sleazy? I was at a super bowl party and a guy frnied of mine sort of joke flirted with me saying something like When we’re dating things like that won’t happen. I realize he was joking but c’mon dude, your girlfrnied is right there.

  • Ivan

    Jakeee jakee jakee

  • Samantha

    even when hes bored he looks hot

    • Samin

      I’ve only seen one of them and I still never even saw it all. Michelle made me turn it off, silly woman.The quadrilogy would rellay help me catch up on the apparently amazing movies.

  • Brielle

    When you make these captions, they’re not even funny. I mean, I see what you’re trying to do, but they’re just lame and not funny at all. :/

    • Nishant

      Thank you Stephanie Caitlin! My girl (my baby) is growing up far too fast!! I can’t help but ppohograth both of my children constantly. Time flies too quickly! Thanks for your comments!

  • Sam

    lol! i love them!