Our 8 Fave TV Scene-Stealers (like Ariana Grande and Darren Criss!)

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Every TV show starts off with a “star,” a main character the powers that be assume the audience is going to fall head over heels in love with, root for, despise, whatever manufactured emotion they desire. But sometimes the most unsuspecting character in the cast becomes the standout, stealing the stars’ thunder and making the most of their TV mojo with every line of dialogue.

The thief of our TV affections, this Scene-Stealer takes no prisoners. They make us laugh, cry and hope for a spinoff. Check out some of our faves:

Candice Accola on The Vampire Diaries
Caroline could have easily been a one-dimensional character — the mean-rich-cheerleader-girl — but not in Candice’s more-than-capable hands. I can’t imagine Mystic Falls without her… please don’t make me.

Ariana Grande on Victorious
People think it’s easy to play the ditzy girl and maybe that’s just because Ariana makes it look effortless. Honestly now, who wouldn’t want to be friends with Cat?

Wilson Bethel on Hart of Dixie
Shirt on or off, Wilson has my full attention when he’s on-screen. But just in case you were wondering, I prefer off.

Allie Grant on Suburgatory
She may not have the most lines on the show, but Allie sure makes the most out of what she has. Perfect. Comedic. Timing.

Darren Criss on Glee
From the moment he sang and danced his way into our hearts with “Teenage Dream”, Darren has been the Gleek to watch every week. We didn’t write the kid a birthday poem last week for nothin’…

Janel Parrish on Pretty Little Liars
Mona may be on the outside of our PLL foursome, but Janel is the center of every scene she’s in and she always leaves us wanting more.

Charisma Carpenter on The Lying Game
Maybe it’s just the Buffy fan in me talking, but I vote for much more Rebecca, or whatever her name is. More Charisma, please.

The Costume Designers from Gossip Girl
Yes, we all love Serena and totally root for Blair and Chuck, but don’t lie — most of you watch the show to see what everyone’s wearing. The bags, the shoes, the accessories. Total scene-stealers, guys!

Which star do you think steals the show? Anyone I forgot? Which TV stars deserve more credit? Tell me right here.

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  • Silvana

    I tried this yesterday with REX Strawberry Jelly and Vanilla ice cream! Turned out sperub and my daughter (2.5 years old) just loved it. Had to stop her from having more! Thanks for sharing this.

  • odrita

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE WILSON BETHEL!!!! His Wade is great, adorable, so Wilson too!

  • Rosie

    I think Ian Summerhalder diserves more credit for his work for not only being the bad boy but for being the bad boy in love and having a heart no one but himself knew about till later on in the seasons

  • Zen_nitz

    blaire and serena FTW <33333333

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  • Anon

    It really is so easy to play the ditsy girl. She doesn’t make it look effortless, it just is. I honestly don’t love her character. I think it can be funny to have that dumb girl, but she needs some more moments where she’s being real like in the earlier seasons. Think London Tipton – they gave her a lot of moments where she actually had real conversations. That’s what Cat Valentine needs in Victorious

  • unknown

    cat and beck are a perfect match

    • unknown

      i know

  • Revoclub

    Yay for atohner Winchester fan! You make the 4th straight male I know who watch Supernatural. *grin*If only the DL for the latest episode is up already. The hiatus has been painful.*frowny*I got durian runtuh this week as my cousin is spring cleaning her room and is getting rid of some of her book collection. So Ima benefit! Hee!

    • Achref

      Ariana – WOW! April! All of the photos are asoweme! Thanks so much for your kind words and all of the hard work you put in! We really enjoyed you taking our photos and want to thank-you from the bottom of our hearts!<3, Ant & Ari

  • Mayuri Valdez

    oh hell to the no brittany is the real scene stealer on glee. her funny quotes, dancing and singing are the best. In 10 years form know all i will remember is her

  • Mayuri Valdez

    oh hell to the no Brittany is the real scene stealer on glee! with her dancing, singing and hilarious quotes everyone will remember her in 60 years

  • Chloe-Jade

    Ariana is the best VICTORIOUS ALL THE WAY

  • Gina

    I don’t think Candice Accola is a scene stealer. I love her, don’t get me wrong. But she plays my least favorite character on TVD.

    • Marina

      seriously she imy favorite character on the show. best female character- so funny, sassy, brave, and just made of WIN.

    • gabiTVDlover

      i actually agree with you… she’s not the correct choice on TVD, i would say kol, elijah, or rebakah;)

  • mouse

    Caroline (C.Accola) – so true! She is the best!

  • sarah2

    i agree with the ones for the vampire diaries, victorious, and glee. but not the one for pretty little liars or the lying game. when i saw the one for pretty little liar i was like wtf? who is that? xD

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  • Sarah

    Charisma was pretty awesome (and a scene stealer) as Tegan on Greek too..

  • aliyahebrahim

    blaie waldorf leighton meester all the way

  • LOL

    Dyed….lol sorri.

  • LOL

    I like Ariana Grande If She Died Her Hair Black I think She Would Look Like Courtney Cox.

  • Sam

    i love the lying game one and the victorious one!

    • Steffi

      The accident of fnidnig this post has brightened my day