Behind-The-Scenes Deets of Kristen Stewart’s Snow White & The Huntsman!!!

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Part Three: Hair, Makeup, And Oh Yeah, The CASTLE!
Then there we were, just chillin’ (literally) at Pinewood and eating the free food at craft service when we saw the hair dude, Lucca, and the makeup artist, Sharon, who told us all about their inspiration for the looks in the movie, which was kinda cool.

But then we head on over to tour the castle set and it was like we were in Lord of the Rings or something. The castle is Ravena’s, aka Charlize Theron’s, and the tour guide slash publicist slash cool British lady told us the castle took 6 months to build for the 2 weeks they filmed there. That’s Kristen kicking butt in the castle right here, FYI:


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Click For Part Four: Filming A Scene With Kristen and Chris!

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