What Adele Will Look Like in 50+ Years

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know this year week belongs to Adele. (She won all six Grammys she was nominated for!!!) Which is why we wanted to give her extra special attention via our handy-dandy “age”-ification system. The one problem: Adele is one of a kind! That might not sound like a negative, but it just makes it that much more difficult to pick the celebs she’ll resemble in the future. But we did our best, so all we ask is that you, uhh, broaden your minds a little, k? Alright now, let’s get started…

Adele at 23 years old
She looks more and more stunning as each day passes, and has an amaze voice to boot. We know her singing skills will last, but how will she look? There’s only one way to find out…

See how Adele’s gonna look!

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  • Confused

    The person who wrote that article is beyond nuts. “She looks more and more stunning as each day passes”. I’m floored. She looks like a less attractive miss piggy. I didn’t read the rest of the article, because after that one line, the writer has proven her lack of credibility for writing…or being a human being.

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  • Omg

    I couldn’t believe she’s in her 20s I thought 30s 40s! And just because people say she looks older doesn’t mean she looks ugly so calm down. My mom’s 47 and most people think she’s in her 20s, being over 40 doesn’t mean you have to look old and wrinkly. Adele simply looks more mature than her age.

  • Nina

    No. No. No.

    This is the worst one you guys have done…

  • alexa

    u girls on her…r making me mad u guys r like shes 23 but she looks like shes 50 grow up adele has a good voice yea she is big but who cares she doesnt need botox to be pretty adele is pretty if u guys wanna hate on her and call her old when shes not go ahead but grow up obvisly u guys r acting lyke ur 9yrs old maybe u r idk how old u r but if ur 12 and up all i got to say is grow the fuck up

    • Mandy

      Saying Adele looks older than her age is not saying anything about her talent. It’s just a commonly held opinion. I think she’s very talented, however I honestly thought she was older than she was. Not everyone who says she looks older so trying to be mean. You sound a bit too angry at the world…

  • asd

    she’s 23 but already looks like 50 ……..

    • alexa

      Oh really adele does NOT look lyke shes 50 and read my other comment i just made it really goes out to u!!! u r a hater for sure

  • ava

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  • SarahNeverBeenHere

    No, No, No, I just HATE what you put in her face, at 75+, I mean it’s just like, my 6 year old sis’ work in PAINT (windows) duh.


    the botox comment @40 was really good no girl needs botox to feel good >:/ >:( :/ :(

  • ROFL

    wait she isn’t an old lady already ??

    • Lex

      No…shes only 23!!

    • alexa

      Duhh shes 23 how could u not kno that oh really?? sum of u guys just dnt kno anything

  • Mels

    I dont think so.

  • CHIZ!

    i thought it was really rude when the age was 40 >:[