From Our BFFS: Wanna See Cody Simpson Sing His New Single LIVE?!

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If your Valentine’s Day sucked, this might cheer you up now — an acoustic version of Cody Simpson‘s new single, “So Listen”! Did we mention he’s singing it LIVE?! [Hollywire]

We weren’t so sure that the Lily Collins/Zac Efron dating rumors were true, but these pics are kinda convincing us… [Just Jared Jr.]

It seems like this divorce battle is never-ending. Now Kris Humphries is taking Kim Kardashian to court! [Wetpaint]

While Hilary Duff is off being really preggers, her big sis Haylie is off..running her own food blog? [HuffPost High School]

So apparently Justin Bieber has a record label? And apparently he’s signed this new girl Carly Rae Jepsen to it?! #lucky [Cambio]

Warning, beliebers, you might melt watching this heartfelt video of Justin Bieber visiting a fan with cancer. So. Freakin’. Cute. [J-14]


Why did Beyonce and Jay-Z really skip out on this year’s Grammy awards? int: It had nothing to do with Blue Ivy. [Posh24]

Ok, they may be really mean and ugly, but you’d be surprised how much you could learn from your fave Disney movie villains… [gURL]

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