Fashion Week Models Talk About the Kardashians, Bieber, American History and More! (Exclusive Video)

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So, NBD, we’ve spent all week going backstage at fashion shows and hanging out with celebs and models during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. But unlike other websites and mags that ask the same old boring questions about fashion and makeup and inspiration and blah blah blah, we took a, um, dare we say funnier approach to the whole thing? We asked hot guy models at the Joseph Abboud show and gorgeous girls at Monique Lhuillier hard-hitting questions, like what the name of Justin Bieber‘s GF is, what state Mt. Rushmore is in, if they’re Team Peeta or Team Gale, and more super important things. And let’s just say, um, the “models are dumb” stereotype is kinda true…

Check out the hilarity in the video above!

Funny, right? Which of those answers were you the most shocked by? Which male model do you think is the hottest? Be honest — did you know the answer to all those questions? Make sure to spill it in the comments!

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  • orville

    kardashians an bieber were put down by dumb remarks.i say they did not deserve it.i give them 5 stars for looks an smarts.

  • Hera

    Uhmm.. Most of the questions were stupid! Who cares who is JB’s gf or which Kdash sister is pregnant??? The answers about the american flag stars were completely ridiculous. But that doesnt mean that all models are stupid.

  • SarahNeverBeenHere

    Um, yeah, I don’t wanna be all cliche but, these models are DUMB, poor little thing, 7 stars in the american flag? NOT EVEN CLOSE GIRL!

  • So Selena Gomez

    The poor girl at the end! OMG, I feel so sad for her cos now this is all over the Internet!

    • Yochanan

      အတည ပ ရ ရ န က န က ပ င ပ င တ ပ ရ ရ ပ စင နယ ပ ရ ရ ရ သမ စ စ တ င က လ လ စ စ အ ထ တ ပ စတန န ရ တတ တ အက တ ပ သက ၀ တကယ ၀မ သ ပ တယ magazine စ အ ပ ၀ယ လ ရမယ နရ သ ရင လည ပန ပ ပ အ

  • Katrina Wong

    How did those questions in any way reflect on how high the model’s IQs were? I didn’t know most of the answers and that’s cuz i have a LIFE!

    And don’t assume that people who read are smart: it could’ve been SNOOKI’S book for all you know. I’m not saying the model’s dumb, I just don’t like that presumptuous “smart model” note.

  • DragonBoat

    7 stars on the Ameican Flag?

  • Sam

    oh wow that was pretty funny

  • Nataly Carbonell

    This was funny though hahahahha xD

  • Nataly Carbonell

    Just because they don’t know stuff about celebrities, doesn’t mean they DUMB lol