New York Fashion Week’s 10 Fugliest Runway Looks

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This year at Fashion Week, I saw heaps of swoon-worthy styles, but isn’t it more fun to look at the runway looks that made the fashion world gag? I thought so too! Take a peek at the fugliest of fug to sashay down the catwalk and tell me how much it would take to get you to wear one of these outfits out in public!

Zac Posen
The celeb-friendly designer rarely makes a fashion misstep, but when he does, he really goes for the gold. This boxy, animal unfriendly look is perfect for those oh-so-frequent times when you want to look like a bloated, square ferret up on its hind legs.

Custo Barcelona
What girl wouldn’t want a dude to show up for Prom in a tie-dyed, distressed suede suit, festooned with orange zippers and cave drawings? Sigh, all the good ones are gay or taken, amirite?!

Donna Karan’s entire collection was black and blah, save for this bloody atrocious fur coat (enough with the fur, people!!). But clearly, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without drop-waist leather skirt and belt stolen from a “Golden Girls” garage sale.

Charlotte Ronson
Because you never know when someone could burst into the middle of your MC Hammer dance tribute rehearsal and breathlessly say they need a pilot for their 1930’s prop plane.

Duru Olowu
Fashion critics called this collection “catnip” and “flat out pretty.” I can only assume it was some terrible auto correct and they really meant to say “walking acid trip” and “best use of recycled shower curtain.”

Duru Olowu (Again)
I mean…

Beloved by celebs like Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart and Michelle Trachtenberg, this A-list label is allowed a mistake every once in awhile. Unless of course they’re aiming to dress Michelle Kwan or Johnny Weir next…

“Oh that’s cool, you don’t need a coaster–just put your drink here in my dress!”

Suddenly, the parents of Threeasfour designers Gabi, Ange, and Adi deeply regretted encouraging their daughters to take up the seemingly harmless hobby of crochet instead of making meth like everyone else in their town.

Prabal Gurung
Here comes the bride, there goes her dignity!

Which outfit do you think was the fugliest? Think you could rock any of them? Tell me below!

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  • orville

    i say milly is beautiful.

  • Jim

    I love the drceoa style its really cute id love 2 wear something like that but in London people would probably chuck things at me if i walk down the street like that.Lol

  • Ganesh

    blogs. Why read them? I hate black metal and I don’t like lardzis, consequently I don’t visit sites about black metal or lizard care. I also wonder when the contributors to this site were granted the power to determine what is and what is not fashionable. As I understand it, fashion is a complex, ever-changing dynamic that means many different things to many different people. Simply because something isn’t over the top, eccentric or vulgar doesn’t mean it isn’t fashionable or lacking depth. Furthermore, just because a fashion blogger doesn’t feel the need to compare her outfit to a famous painting or avant garde film that no one really understands doesn’t make her vapid or uncultured. It just makes her less pretentious. Also, I wonder what exactly is it that you would consider makes a thought provoking fashion image, since you’ve ruled out so many forms of expression as irrelevant. Another thing throughout this post it’s implied that outfit bloggers are narcissistic, self-serving dolts that only post about themselves for the thrill of seeing their own face staring back from the screen in front of them. However, judging from the thriving community revolving around outfit blogs, they serve a much larger purpose than ego-stroking. Many women (and men) like to see real people, wearing real clothes. Not editorials, not models, not untouchable fashion icons just other people keeping it real, and I consider the photos those fashion bloggers post of themselves to be of much more use to me than to the blogger’s ego. Claiming that fashion bloggers as a whole are narcissistic just because they post photos of themselves is simply false. One more thing I’ve noticed that so many of the things criticized in this post can be found right here on this site, in the section for contributor-created content. even claims inspiration from childhood fairytales, which we were advised in this post to read something other than. So, I wonder what is it that makes the content on this site so different from the content you are criticizing? Is it because it’s not you in front of the camera, so it’s artistic instead of narcissistic? Is it because you have assigned some cultural meaning behind the photos, so we should value them as well? You are no longer amateurs, so you are allowed to criticize those who are still learning and growing? Are you just better at it than most? Lucky for me, I love ethereal photos of girls in fields and obscure landscapes with hazy filters, so I don’t have a problem with your content. In fact, I love it. I think you have some extremely talented contributors with serious vision and an ability to translate meaningful ideas into art. However, before you decide to condemn a subculture, make sure you aren’t part of it.

  • ShallonLesterIsAssholeBitch

    Your mom is the new york’s fugliest runway models.

  • denisha bautista

    wow ewww they need some fashion tips pronto lol

  • Winston

    I dunno, I heard form fitting leather hats and horse riding helmets are going to be all the rage this year.

  • Alpha

    Why are they always wearing the most fugliest things when they know nobody will wear these.

    • Wanessa

      I cncahed by this blog/post because being 40, the whole fashion blog phenom was something unknown to me until recently and I have been fascinated by it (while feeling thankful that I do not have a daughter: the pressure to be pretty, and not just pretty, but creatively pretty, just gets more and more severe ) I am amazed by the caliber of the writing here both by the bloggers and also by the commenter, esp. Elizabeth. I just want to say, I can see and appreciate the self-reflectiveness in your preamble: as bloggers we are all a bit narcissistic, otherwise we would not have simply assumed that whatever we have to say is worth that browser space, but that does not mean you won’t cringe when someone crosses that line between this is ok and this is sickening in your mind. Off I go.

  • Sam

    those are fashion disasters!