5 TV Bad Boys That Would Actually Be Good Dates

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It’s definitely every girl’s prerogative to fall for the bad boy at least once.  They’re charming, mysterious, and up for any adventure.  So, while we’ll hold out for our prince (who won’t play games,) what’s the harm in having fun while we wait?  These bad boys of TV are great examples of guys who know how to flash us mischievous grins that make our knees buckle. Find out why we’re crushing…

Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries
Sure, he once had a pretty terrible dark streak, but we’re willing to forget some of the violent habits Damon once displayed—he’s a vampire with the need for blood, so he couldn’t help himself!  But when you think about it, Damon is actually tons of fun to hang out with.  He’s generally popular with the townspeople. He can compel any hostess to let you into the new hot restaurant in town.  One look into his eyes and the guy at the movie ticket counter will let you in for free. Jackpot.

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Jake Armstrong from The Secret Circle
Jake can be super secretive, but his powers pretty much outweigh any need you’d have to figure out the mystery behind the muscles. He can make any date instantly romantic just by lighting candles with his mind. Whoa!  He can make a bonfire just by imagining it and the guy’s smooth, so you know he brought supplies for a nice dinner plus flowers he picked just for you.

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Ethan Whitehorse from The Lying Game
Ethan definitely has a bad boy past.  He’s known by local police for being a troublemaker, and anytime anything goes missing, Ethan is usually blamed.  But this guy is most likely just misunderstood! He knows how to romance a girl with candlelit dinners, and who could resist a ride on his motorcycle?

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Wade Kinsella from Hart of Dixie
Arguably, one of the worst types of bad boys is the serial dater. But unlike some bad boys, Wade does wear his heart on his sleeve. He’s known to help out his dad (who the rest of the town had dubbed “Crazy Earl”) and he never refuses his friends in need.  Since Wade is a country boy, he would be up for any outdoor adventure, like camping or fishing.  Spending the day out with him in the wilderness would suit any girl just fine—regardless if they’re used to big cities like Zoe.

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Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman from Glee
It’s true he’s dated nearly every girl that goes to his high school (including a teacher!) , but it’s nearly impossible to resist a crooning guy with a guitar. Puck would make a great date because he has money from his pool-cleaning business, so he could treat you to a nice dinner.  Plus, he would probably end the night by singing a song he wrote just for you.  Can you say swoon?

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Which TV bad boy is your fave? Think they’d make good boyfriends? Tell us in the comments!

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    OMG. U gotta be kidding u put Damon and then u expect for people to choose ppl like puck. God no! Damon is hot and sexy and I will date him in the blink of an eye

  • Lisa

    DAMON of course!

  • tarrynkay rooy

    DAMON!!!!!!!! Al the way baby

  • salena jorge

    Noah puckermen
    he is hot but not as hot as sebastian smythe in season 3 of glee

  • Vanessa

    OMG. Ian ALL the way. <3
    I love him! Baddest and Sexiest of them all. <3 😀

    • tarrynkay rooy

      You are so right Ian is just so hot

  • Lien Nho

    Ian is the best.!
    But I think they have missed one more SEXY bad boy: CHUCK BASS

  • Brizzy

    Go Ethan no go blair redford It’s so weird, becuase I have a sister named Blair
    Anyway ya

  • Brizzy

    Go Ethan

  • Emdizzle


  • Kívia

    Sure, Damon Salvatore is the best bad boy of TV.
    The Vampire Diaries is the best TV series, too.


    Definitely JAKEY from Secret Circle (real name is Chris Zylka). Even the name “Jake” is super hot. But my friends and I refer to him as Jakey. LOL

    Jake is so strong and protective of Cassie. What a turn on! Eric Northman from True Blood is hot too but he’s way too old for girls in their teens or early 20s. He’s like 35!

    I would vote Eric for the gals in their 30s and up. And Jake for the gals in their late teens and 20s. Perfect!

  • Brooke

    Where’s Chuck Bass!?

    • Lien Nho

      I’m asking the same question.

  • courtney

    Damon is so so sexy

  • Jenny

    JAKE !!!! I love him so so much <3 But Puck and Damon too 😀 <3

  • pagiee

    OMG Damon is way hotter then them all plus i so love bad boys!!!!!!! 😉

  • Reem

    You forgot stefan salvatore he should be number 1

    • Vessy

      Yeah i like Stefan and everybody forgot him..Whyy??

      • Ahmed

        I’m glad you liked this book! I have yet to read any of them. I watch the TV show, so I don’t know if I should read them or not. I just don’t want aynihtng to ruin the show, haha!

  • Nicole

    Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries
    I LOVE the show!!!!!:D

  • Fra

    Noah Puckerman is totally hot!!
    Loving him since 1st ep!!! 😀

  • ….


  • Disha

    Ian is the hottest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Em

    What about Matt bowman!?!?!

  • Ashley

    damon salvatore is hot

    • Quanda

      Hell yea!!!!! HOT cannot even describe Ian Somerhalder, his fine ass!

  • Sam

    i love ethan whitehorse on the lying game!