5 Stylish Celebrities Who Should Have Fashion Lines

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Have you ever picked up your favorite glossy or clicked onto a style blog and coveted a celebrity’s every look? Or, ya know, just checked out the style section on Teen.com? Well, we’re just as guilty of drooling over Blake Lively’s impeccable pumps and Emma Watson’s smart getups. But here’s our question: why don’t these celebs have fashion lines of their own and Snooki does? It’s a legit question.

As we sigh over our hopelessly empty closets, here are five celebs we wish could help us in the style department –with their own lines, of course!

Blake Lively
Much like Serena, Blake really knows fashion (no, really –she doesn’t even have a stylist!). After all, she does have a stunning Christian Louboutin shoe named in her honor and a closet filled with ensembles by Marc Jacobs, Phillip Lim, Chloé, and Chanel.
What her line would look like: Picture Gossip Girl meets downtown Los Angeles: sassy miniskirts, posh pea coats, and fab heeled booties. Can you say glamorous?


Emma Watson
Emma Watson worked her magic year after year on the big screen as Hermoine, but she’s also the face of Lancôme and was creative advisor for Fair Trade fashion brand People Tree in 2009 and 2010.
What her line would look like: Though we’re no mind readers (sadly, we never received those Hogwarts acceptance letters), we’d imagine Emma’s line would be trendy yet sensible. Pretty pastel blouses, classic black and white frocks, and standout hats would all make appearances. It’d be magical, guys.


Shay Mitchell
Shay plays the sporty Emily Fields on PLL, but in real life, she knows how to pack on the glam. Back in the day she used to be a model!
What her line would look like: It’d be a combo of casual cool and high-fashion elegance. Think silky, flowing dresses, oversized totes, and dazzling jewels. Not even “A” would be able to resist!


Amber Riley
Amber aka Mercedes isn’t just an amazing voice — she’s a spokesperson for DoSomething.org and an advocate for music education in schools, which basically means she’s got a heart of gold and a fashion sense to match.
What her line would like like: It’d be full of dresses in bold hues, sophisticated black denim, and flattering cardis in every size. And of course, and the proceeds would go to keeping music in the classroom. We’ll take one of each, please!


Elle Fanning
Only 13 and Dakota’s little sis has already rocked Rodarte, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and Chanel on the red carpet. Jealous.
What her line would look like: Picture adorable babydoll dresses with a hint of 60’s glam, funky wedges, and layers of jewelry fit for the most stylish tweens and teens. We want it already.


Who do you think should have a fashion line? Which of these girls’ lines would you totally buy? Tell us in the comments!

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–Diana Denza

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  • Emily

    I would totally buy Emma Watson style clothing.
    I also think Zooey Deschanel should have her own clothing line.

  • Hayley

    I would buy clothes from all 5 fashion lines!! Love them all <3

  • AmberRileyArmy

    Amber’s style is always on point! I know so many people who go out and buy everything that she wears!

  • Carolina

    Shay Mitchell

  • luciana

    Emma alwayas looks beautifl, i totally buy her cloths.
    oh and Shays too.

  • Barbii

    I would tottaly buy Shay’s clothes… Oh I would only imagine all the cute dresses. 😀

  • Lauren

    Elle Fanning is adorable

    • Silke

      JasonViens23 on January 31, 2011 that was hbiorrle lol hahahaha.. im so happy mine didnt go that bad.. a bit of advice to all future best men.. dont try to be a inevative hero.. look up some good speeches take some good points from a few of them then impliment your own touch on them.. its a stressfull moment there is nothing wrong with a little help

  • ferr

    emma blake and shay!

  • me

    yess emma and blake sould id totally buy love them

  • Sam

    i would so buy shay’s clothing! i love her red carpet outfits!

  • Jane

    i <3 Emma Watson 😀 😀