5 Celeb Exes Who Should Collaborate (Like Chris Brown and Rihanna)

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It was Rihanna’s birthday yesterday, but it was RiRi’s fans that got the biggest surprise — the debut of a remix of her song, “(Birthday) Cake,” featuring her ex, Chris Brown. Oh, and, the debut of Chris’ song, “Turn Up the Music,” featuring vocals from Rihanna. We know! Two new songs! What the heck! Why are they making music together after breaking up and publicly hating each other? And even though we’re not totally on board with these collabs (which you can listen to here and here), we are totally on board with these 5 other pairs of exes making music together. Are you?!

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas
Ok, guys — how amazing were Jemi as a couple? And how cute was their Disney collab, “Make a Wave?” We think now, two years after their breakup, Demi and Joe should create more mature music about grown-up stuff like hooking up and breaking up. And if they wanna (eventually) create Jemi babies, we’re ok with that too…

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Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas
We don’t think Justin Bieber would love the idea of Sel getting in the recording studio with her ex, Nick, but we love it and that’s all that matters. Nick would write the lyrics, play the guitar, and basically do all the work, while Selena will sing and look pretty and be the star of the music video. It’s a match made in music heaven. selena-gomez-nick-jonas-breakup

Justin Bieber and Jasmine V
These two former hook-up buddies have already been in a music vid together (she starred in “Baby!”), but we think it’s time to take this music relationship to the next level with a duet. Jasmine’s vocals and Biebs’ swagtastic moves are basically begging for a collab. And so are we.justin-bieber-jasmine-v-break-up

Taylor Swift and John Mayer
These two are both royalty when it comes to writing amazing, croon-worthy love songs. Sure, their relationship wasn’t exactly normal long-lived, but we think their songs would be. She’s got “Love Song,” he’s got “Love Song for No One.” The song titles here would be endless.

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Katy Perry and Travie McCoy
Yes, when Katy was just kissing girls and Travie was the frontman of Gym Class Heroes, these two were an item. But now that their fame and their musical talents have grown exponentially, 2012 would be the perfect time for a collaboration. But if the music thing doesn’t work out, maybe they can give the relationship thing another go. She’s single now, Travie!

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Which of these couples would you most like to see make music together? How do you feel about Chris and Rihanna teaming up? Make sure to spill your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Selnnagomez and nick Jonas

    Wwwcomez nick jenas and Selnna Gomez
    As log as you love me by juisnt bierer

  • Isaro Cynthia christelle

    Hi i motsly selena gomez and Nick jonas

  • Ella Marie

    Taylor’s song isn’t called Love Song…
    But I think if Katy/Travie or Demi/Joe ever fuetted it would be great :)

  • spencer

    I think Taylor and John because Taylor its a beautiful person
    And she have to be with someone

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  • Vanessa

    I totally think they are cute couples not sure about the tay swift one but i do want her to back off my man ( Taylor Lautner <3)

    • vanesa

      haha thats funny i like edward though jacobs cute too.

  • Nicole

    aww.. they all look so cute together, but I totally call Nick-back off selena, LOL

  • WhatsupwithU2247

    OMG did anyone listen to those songs? they are so horrible!!! Not to mention VERY explicit………… BTW rihanna, a little less “cake” next time you make a single!

  • Emily

    I would love all these couples to be back together! Except I would prefer Katy and Russel. But the little info thingy that you gave on Selena and Nick, that totally made me laugh xD “Nick would write the lyrics, play the guitar, and basically do all the work, while Selena will sing and look pretty and be the star of the music video. It’s a match made in music heaven. ” LOL <3

  • aliya

    I wonder why Jelena doesn’t do a duet? It would be so popular and totally amazing! <3 Justin and Selena are so cute together :)

  • Sam

    i would love to hear a demi and joe duet and a selena and nick duet!

  • Cipha Sounds

    I like Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber, Jasmine, Travie and Katy together got an ex-girlfriend together.

  • Me

    Omg, totally Demi and Joe!!!

  • maggieae7@gmail.cpm

    Katy and travie would be awesome together!!!!!

    • emily

      ur dumb