From Our BFFS: Wanna See Justin & Selena In a New Music Vid?!

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If you don’t know yet who Carly Rae Jepsen is, we think you’ll wanna learn fast — Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and more are already fans — and even made their own music vid for her new single, “Call Me Maybe!” Ya like? Cause we’re kinda obsessed.

Yesterday was Rihanna‘s 24th birthday and she spent it with lots of #cake. And…Chris Brown?! [Wetpaint]

Nick Jonas and his girlfriend, Delta Goodrem, split over the weekend! We’re not sure whether to be sad for him or happy he’s single… [J-14]

But in better Jonas news, there will be a new Jonas Brothers album by the end of the year! Yay!!! [Just Jared Jr.]

Transformers 4 might be happening, but we don’t even care… Shia Labeouf and Josh Duhamel won’t be in it! [Cambio]

The cast of Glee isn’t going on a concert tour this summer! We. Are. Bummed. [Hollywire]

Just who is this Jeremy Lin guy that everyone’s talking about? Only the best former high school basketball player ever… [HuffPost High School]

Some of our fave celebs like Britney Spears and Katy Perry have their own dolls! Which one is your fave? [Posh24]

We’re all for having a little fun with your eye makeup. But these crazy designs? We don’t think we have the time or the artistic skills to pull ‘em off. [gURL]

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24 Responses to "From Our BFFS: Wanna See Justin & Selena In a New Music Vid?!"

    From ga says:

    Too cute I love it!

    Charlotte says:

    Just like to say that Justin Bieber DIDN’T make this music video, he only stars in it. A man called Carlos Pena from the group Big Time Rush made this video, so I wish that everybody would stop associating Justin, because it’s NOT HIS VIDEO! Thank you :)

    Agnese says:

    justin ugasai ilaeytmi tohirku oort ni taalagdadgui gj hele biz dee selena dunduur ni oroogui sh dee justin ooroo selenad hairtai ntr geed bichtsen bsish dee

    Jillian says:

    Omg hunger games book!

    lila says:

    i love justin biber <3

    Jan says:

    Cute guys… Except bieber, he always looks like a dork… But Selena really brings it, she needs to give her biebs some tips on presentation. How is it again she went from Taylor, the muscle bound hunk, to Justina? Seem like it would be such a let down. It’s kinda sad actually.

    Belieber says:

    cool :P

    Belieber says:

    lol :D ich liebe dieses Video

    vanessa says:

    lol love this video and I love u justin b.<3<3

    hannah says:

    i love this video they r all so funny its them having fun and without people telling them what to do …it proves that they r normal people to and they no how to have fun :) i love u guys <3

    Christina says:

    I love this video :)

    Evelina says:

    Love that video! It’s great seeing celebs being themselves and just having fun. Its cool to know what they do one regular basis.

      Arun says:

      Arreatez de dire que c’est un faux Justin, moi je sais que c’est lui je le connais Justin pnesonnrllemeet et j’en suis sfbr. Et puis quelle importance il n’est pas marie9 non plus il a bien le droit de s’amuser.

    lola says:

    lol i love thsi vid i see lots of stars from b4 :D i saw jb liek 2x and selena idk and i mostly saw carlos and ashley tisdale ^_^ i love seeing celbs haveing fun -sigh- i loved this vid.
    oh yea i think i saw logan from btr o.o idk if its him tho

      aricelis says:

      that is really cool i think see mad celbs is boring watching other people having fun why dont you go have fun for a change and stop watching other people have fun;-/

    Emily says:

    Haha, I loved that video! :D It’s really nice to see celebrities just being their normal selves and having fun :P

    jenny says:

    I wonder whose house is it?

    Jessica says:

    Omg i luv this video but not you justin bieber i hate you but i love u selena!

    Sam says:

    omg! i loved that video!

    Mere says:

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! It’s not Jelena’s video, it’s Carlos Pena’s. He’s the one that made the video, did the editing, and put it up on HIS youtube channel. Give him credit where it’s due!!!

      Elizabeth says:

      Thank you for actually saying it’s Carlos’ video! :) It gets on my nerves when all of these people are saying its Justin and Selena’s video!

      aricelis says:

      you go girl you tell them i think its messed up how some people take the creditfor someone elses work ;->

      Vilu says:

      this is so fake,one. he wouldnt carry his own bag.two. he would have a siucrety who wouldnt allow that to happen.three. he wouldnt let someone photograph that, and its clearly taken closely.four. it doesnt look like him

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