Everything You Need to Know About Nick Jonas’ Break-Up, Chris Colfer’s Movie Debut & More!

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If you were looking forward to a summer well spent with Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, Quinn Fabray and the rest of the gleeks, we’re sorry to break this to you: The Glee! Live! In Concert! tour is NOT happening this year! Instead, the cast has 2 1/2 months to do whatever, and they’ll (hopefully) put on a one-time benefit concert in the fall at the Hollywood Bowl. We understand that everyone deserves a vacay, but UGH!

Howev, there’s still good news about one New Directions member…

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  • Deepika

    Ellice – Lisa, it seems Dianna is very good at encouraging peploe to get married. Thats why Joe and I put a wedding together in two days! Love you Dianna! Thanks for being so incredible!

  • maya

    i met them both in NY and Delta was sooo sweet. i feel bad for nicky, i hope he does ok.

  • Hyashintha

    Who’s she?

  • Sam

    i didn’t even know they were still going out

  • Sarah

    I’m so sad for nick :'( I knew it’s not going to work anyways even though he was head over heels for her and he was happier when he’s with her